Friday, December 25, 2015

New baby cousin! And Christmas Eve

It's been such a busy week! But this time of year always is. The kids have been having a good week. We got a new baby in the family, little Penelope Wilde Pullen. She's a tiny sweetie and we love her. We are going to be watching her four days a week starting in about April, and we are so excited! We've also been getting ready for Christmas, and that has been so fun. I'm really looking forward to the kids celebrating this year.
Reid is starting to get his second set of molars. It has been a little rough, he had two nights this week where he was up a lot. I hope they come through quickly.
 We bought flowers for Tony and Courtney (and baby Penelope), and Reid liked smelling them.
 On Friday night we met Andy at his work with a sack dinner... and then we went to see the Christmas lights on Peacock Lane.
 It was so fun!
 Ruby absolutely loved it. Reid did too.
 They had hot chocolate and apple cider to enjoy. And we saw some people get engaged too.
We had so much fun.
 Morning time snuggles. 
 On Saturday we made our gingerbread house.
 They had so much fun! That's yogurt in Reid's hair from breakfast, not frosting. They had a bath after this.
 She loves reading cookbooks. She's excited to pick out her birthday cake.
 Meeting baby Penelope! Ruby climbed right into the hospital bed to hold her.
 Andy and the tiny girl. She was only 6 lbs 8 oz and so cute. She really looks like Tony.
 Nap time!
 And pretending to sleep in Ruby's bed.
 We watched White Christmas, and the kids loved it.
 We had to work pretty hard to get a good photo in front of the tree with these guys.
 Sweet girl.
 He loves the ornaments.
 This was the best one! 
 Here's our collage of the pictures. Hahaha. Ruby was crying in the middle right one because Reid didn't want her to put her arm around him.
I made latkes! They were yummy. 
 Ruby loves playing pretend. We were playing school and this was our snack time.
 We kept the presents in the closet even though they were wrapped, and I decided to put them under the tree... mistake. Ruby kept getting them out to look at, and then Reid followed suit and started opening some of them. So we had to put them back in the closet.
 Ruby took some photos. This is a cute one of Reid just waking up from his nap.
And another one she took of me and Reid. <3 
Ruby decided to write a letter to Santa. It was pretty cute. 
Reid likes to read cook books too! Kids after my own heart. 
Double piggy back ride! 
Reading his bible. 
 Christmas Eve! We headed down to the Pullens to celebrate. 
 Ruby helped Reid open his gifts, of course.
 The kids took a nap there. Reid had his first nap in a big bed. It took a while to get him to settle down, but when he finally did, he slept fine. When he woke up he was just sitting in bed when I went in. I think he was confused. :)

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  1. Really cute!! Loved the one about the presents going back in the closet. You think of fun things to do with the kids. Baby Penelope is precious!! Love you all and see you soon!


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