Friday, December 4, 2015

9 years!

We had our 9th anniversary on Tuesday! It has been a really great life so far, and I can't wait for the rest. It was fun looking back at our wedding photos with the kids. Ruby loved it.
Reid also had his 18 month appointment on Monday. He's in the 89th percentile for height (34 inches) and 64th percentile for weight (25 lbs 6.5 oz). So he's tall and regular. Haha. But he's doing really well and is right on track for development and growth. He eats really well and likes most vegetables, except for green beans and asparagus. He even likes broccoli! Ruby does too now that I've been roasting it. Last time I made it, she asked what we were having for dinner, and when I told her she said, "Oh yummy!" I'm so glad I didn't give up on the veggies!
 He loves wearing Ruby's tutu, and he loves climbing on the rocking chair to read his bible. He does it all of the time.
 We finished our thankful tree! It is so important to remember to be thankful.
 We had to go back down to the Honda dealership to take care of some paperwork on Friday (Andy took off from work). We had a little extra time, so we went to this Christmas tree farm/petting zoo down the street in Wilsonville. It was adorable, we all loved it. Except Ruby didn't like when one of the little donkeys brayed, it was super loud! There was a little chicken with a hurt foot running around where the people were, so I caught her and put her back in the pen. 
 Then on Friday after nap, we headed downtown for the Christmas tree lighting in Pioneer Square! Our sweet sister-in-law Courtney bought us dinner in the Nordstrom Cafe (she's the manager at the downtown Nordstrom), and then we got to watch the tree lighting from the 4th floor conference room! It was amazing. She also got these fun balloons for the kids.
Reid's was a bear riding a motorcycle. Haha! And this is his really funny angry face he likes to make for fun. He's not really angry. 
The square down there was packed! It was so fun to watch it from way up high. 
 The kids were fascinated and both loved it!
Then we headed down to the square to look at it from there. It was super crowded. We had parked in a parking garage around the corner, and it took forever to get out of there! So the kids had a late night, but it was fun. 
Reid loves the Christmas lights that the neighbors put up. He said, "Wook! Wook! Pwetty! See! See!" 
 Morning snuggles.
 More snuggles. Reid is such a cuddly guy. And then Ruby thinks she wants to snuggle too, but then she only lasts for a second or two.
 More reading! He really loves books.
 He likes to stick his feet up while he eats. Kind of like Mommy was as a kid...
 The kids were pretty snotty on Sunday morning, so we didn't want to put them in the nursery. So we went and got a Christmas tree instead. We found a great farm where we could cut our own tree for pretty inexpensive down the road a bit. It was cold though!
 We found our tree! We had to get a really skinny one to fit in our tiny living room. The kids were pretty squirrelly so we didn't get great pictures. And we were all pretty much knee deep in mud.
 Me and the kids with the tree! We all had a ton of fun putting it up and decorating it when we got home.
 Doing makeup in the morning. Courtney got me a huge bag of samples from Nordstrom. :)
 Ruby LOVES the Christmas tree and has been playing presents. She put a bunch of jars in a box last night for me and had me open it this morning. 
 Reid at his appointment on Monday! He did really well, except for when he fell off of this chair on his head. He has a hard head though, so he was fine.
 We've been doing Ann Voskamp's Unwrapping the Greatest Gift book. It's a little above the kids' heads, so we've been just summarizing. Ruby likes putting on the Jesse tree ornaments.
 These guys both LOVE tomato soup so much.
 On Tuesday night we went to the Zoo lights with our friends the Cline's. They came to our place for an impromptu dinner and then we rode the Max over there. It was rainy and freezing!
 Ruby and Aiden are best buddies.
 Everyone was so cold. We walked through the light path and then called it a night. Brrr!!!! It was really fun though.
Later that night my parents came by on their way driving through from New York. I didn't get any pictures! But it was so nice to have them stay the night.
 Reid wanted to put on Ruby's dress.
 These guys had so much fun coloring this box yesterday. Sometimes those are the best toys.
Ruby put a bunch of dots on it which were buttons, and it was her rocket.

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  1. I had to laugh at the picture of Reid sticking up his feet while he eats! He is your son! Cute pictures!
    Love you!


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