Friday, January 8, 2016

Snow! And Reid turns 20 months.

 We spent some time recovering from being exhausted on Friday and Saturday! It was so much fun having my family all come up here. But we were so tired! Reid didn't sleep well in the pack n play or maybe it was just a different place. He's also working on getting his bottom right molar in, so he really hasn't been sleeping well. Poor guy! His teeth come in so slowly.
Resting on the couch!
 We woke up to snow coming down on Sunday morning! The kids were so excited about it. I captured a few snowflakes to look at. They are so amazing and beautiful!
 We made it to church with a little bit of sliding around. The kids' new rain boots worked pretty well in the snow.
 Me and my twin. Right before this picture Ruby said, "Mom, I tooted on your leg!" Hence me cracking up. Silly girl!
 Ruby drew this picture. Her drawings are so funny.
 And she has been wanting me to tie her blankets on her as a "wedding dress."
 We headed to the library to play for a bit. The kids had so much fun making some snowmen.
 We made a really tall skinny one!
 When we got home from the library Ruby decided to organize all of the books.
 She loves to make caves/houses of all of the couch pillows, pillows, and blankets. She does it about 10 times a day, it's her favorite activity. Haha!
 Eating a snack on the mattress.
 Ruby is a big help at Winco. She loves to help bag the groceries.
 I shared some of my Shakeology with the kids, and they both loved it. Reid kept asking for more.
Coloring time with Daddy!
This cutie pie is 20 months old today! Guitars are his favorite.
Ruby always loves getting in the photos with Reid. She had fun with some makeup today. :)
It has been really cold outside, so we headed  to the mall to walk around for a while. It was fun! We built Lego guys at the Lego store and picked out some new clothes for Ruby's birthday.
At Pottery Barn Kids they had two play vacuums that look almost exactly like ours. The kids were so excited and played with them for a while. Then we had to go, and Reid cried "vacuum!" most of the way home.

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  1. I'm glad you have a car to get out with!! Years ago people only had one car (my situation when you were little!) But, there were a lot of things to do in the country and we had a great time. Such cute pictures, they are growing up so fine!! Love you all!


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