Saturday, January 16, 2016


We had a lot of fun this week. Lots of busyness and activities, so much so that I washed the laundry on Tuesday, but didn't get it folded for a few days! Oh well. Such is life. :) We did a lot of fun things too though.
Reid is learning so much lately. He has been singing songs (Do Re Mi and Let it Go), and he counted from six to nine all by himself the other day. He also is learning colors and gets green correct most of the time! It's so fun to see him learning so quickly.
Ruby is pretty excited to turn four soon. She has her cake all picked out for her birthday party, and she talks about "When I get four..." all the time. I can't believe she's so big!
 On Saturday we bundled up and took a walk to the park.
 We had Tony's drone, so we took it out for some flying. It was so fun, and the kids loved it.
 I got to fly it! It goes 3 miles, but I didn't take it that far. We saw our house on the video feed though.
Ruby found a "trail of mud" (lines for a soccer field) and had so much fun traipsing through it 
Good thing we got these boots for the kids for Christmas! They sure come in handy with the Portland rain. We were all pretty cold by the time we got home.
 Coloring time.
 They love boxes, and pretended they had a boat. Ruby made a steering wheel for it. Captain Ruby and Super Reid.
 They both love reading, and it's the cutest when they read together! 
 Snuggling together on the floor of their bedroom.
 We made some fresh play dough! It's always fun.
 Ruby made a pie for me for my birthday, apparently.
 On Tuesday it was super wet outside, but we decided to go for a walk anyway. It was not easy to push the stroller with both kids in it while I held my umbrella, but we made it home in one piece and still dry (thanks to the rain cover and our waterproof picnic blanket)!
 Sometimes when she wakes up from nap and Reid is still asleep, she likes to paint... and sometimes she decides to paint her hand. Haha!
 She has been constantly making a little house out of the cushions around the chair. It's cute when she peeks her head out.
 Me and my two sillies. Ruby did her eye shadow...
 The kids and our squirrel Samantha. She hadn't shown up for a while and I was starting to worry that something had happened to her, but here she is! And super healthy looking too. The kids love her, she's not afraid of them at all. She loves the peanuts and cashews that we throw out for her.
 On Thursday I took the kids down to Patty's and went to a coffee shop for a while. That was nice to have a break and get some work done. The kids had fun too! Ruby's Clump-O-Lumps had bunk beds in the upstairs closet. Hah!
 Lego Guy and Lego Girl went out on their first date. Ruby is so funny.
 Snuggling again post-nap! These guys love each other so much. <3
 We made some kale chips for our afternoon snack on Thursday. When we were at the grocery store on Wednesday, a lady walked past us right as Ruby said, "Mom, we need kale to make kale chips." The lady laughed out loud not believing what she heard! I'm so glad my kids love kale chips and other veggies. Ruby has recently decided that she likes tomatoes (sometimes), mushrooms, broccoli, peas, bell peppers (she at least licked it), and last night she ate about 1/2 of a sweet potato! Reid loves veggies too. So proud of my veggie eaters! And the love all fruits. Ruby refused to try kiwi for the longest time, I think because it was green. But we bought some again and she loves it now! We eat them for dessert often.
 These got devoured really quickly. Reid kept saying "Yummy!"
 Ruby likes to take our orders for her restaurant. But usually everything I ask for she says, "We don't have that." And then she tells me what they do have, and it's usually just one thing. :)
Reid absolutely loves reading his bible, and he points out "Deeduts" (Jesus) on most of the pages. :)

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  1. Charming as usual!! Can't wait to see you!!
    Love you all.


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