Sunday, January 24, 2016

Date night (for Andy and Ruby!)

This is our last week of Ruby being 3! I can't believe these last four years have gone by so fast. We absolutely love being parents and really treasure our kids.
Ruby is getting so big. She says the funniest things, for example she adds "able" to things, like "These socks are skateable." And we've been having some really good conversations about Jesus lately. She asks a lot of good questions.
Reid is talking so much! It's so fun to be able to communicate better with him. He has been sleeping horribly though, the other night he woke up at least once an hour all night long because of his molar coming in. :( So I started weaning him, and now we're down to just three nursing sessions a day. Somehow that helped him sleep better and the last two nights he only woke up once!! That's just about the best he has slept ever. I also have been putting his teething necklace around his ankle with a sock over it, so that might be it too. Whew! I feel so much better having some rest.
 I made this comparison photo of Quin and Reid. :) They look like cousins! But they definitely have different noses. Reid has a darker skin tone, kind of like me. Ruby's is more like Quin's and Andy's. So funny which traits each kid gets from past generations.
On Friday we went to check out a preschool for Ruby for next year! It's about 5 minutes away, so that is nice. She LOVED it. She did not want to leave and kept stalling when it was time to go. Haha. She is all registered to go three days a week for next school year. I know she will love it and thrive.
 My two little helpers. Almost every time I cook they both ask to help. Reid pulls a chair from the table and says "Hep you. Cook."
 We stopped by the library to play for a little bit. These guys love the library, and especially getting new books.
 The aftermath of Ruby's lunch time. She made a "potty" out of her bell pepper. And they both love grapefruit!
Andy took Ruby out on a date in honor of her coming 4th birthday. She was so excited for days beforehand. He brought her home a rose, and they went to the Heathman to listen to jazz and have dessert. 
She's so beautiful.
 It was so cute. They had a ton of fun. They got Creme Brûlée for their dessert.
Reid and I had some fun while they were gone! We did a lot of reading and playing. <3 
 We went to Old Navy to check out their amazing sales. I got coats for the kids for next year for $6 and $10! Reid loved the little doggy mannequin (or dogequin).
 We went on a family dessert date to McMenamins on Saturday night! We all shared some bread pudding and marionberry cobbler. 
 Yum!! Reid loved the fans on the ceiling. And we were seated where we could look over a little wall down to the kitchen below. That was fun.
 Book lover!!
 They love to play with the mattress and pillows, making forts, slides, houses, you name it.
 Some of our old youth group kids visited Andy's train car. Cooper, Alex, Liam and Abbie.
 Ruby wrapped a present for me. :)
We went to a mom's group on Tuesday that my friend Audrey invited me to. We all had a lot of fun! There were kids both of our kids' ages to play with. 
 Once the piano got opened, Reid was sucked in! He loves music so much.
 She had a cute bun, but didn't want me to take a picture. :)
 Ruby did his makeup. It just looks like he got in a fight. Haha! We wiped it off before we went to the store. :)
 They were sitting like this watching a little show. They really love each other.
 We had to run to Fred Meyer because a sapphire popped out of my ring. Ruby loves going in the little kids play area, so Reid and I had some fun wandering around for a little while and playing.
 Getting ready for nap time. I get both kids ready, then I read two stories to them (Reid usually runs around). Then Ruby lays in bed while I nurse Reid and put him down in his crib. Then I go back to Ruby and tell her a little story, which usually ends up having singing in it and then she falls asleep. I think I'll just go to her having quiet time in the afternoons when she turns 4, because some nights she doesn't go to sleep until 9 or later!
 They had fun playing in the sink for a long time.
 He got all wet!
 Silly smile. He bit his blanket and was saying "yucky."
 Morning hair!
 Trying on Ruby's crown.
 We have a little rock climber.
 He sits on the potty sometimes. He doesn't usually go though, we're working on that!

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  1. Such cute kids in these pictures!! Thanks for letting us come up, we had a great time. Sad to leave!
    Quin & Reid do look alike!


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