Thursday, June 22, 2017

6 weeks: Ruby's last day of school and a wedding!

I am way late on posting this week's photos... sorry!! But here they are. :)
 Miles's wink (and Reid photo bombing kind of).
 I love these four.
 Ruby's last day of preschool!! She's so cute. We all went with her for celebration day.
 Ruby with her friend Isaac.
 Reid loved riding in the car. They even had a little pretend gas station.
Waiting to get her diploma. 
 Ruby with Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Nolan. They were excellent teachers, and we will miss them!
Raising hands. 
 Play time! I took this picture in secret through the wooden slats. Hahaha
The kids all climbed on the play house, but apparently they weren't allowed to do that. Haha! Oops. 
 First day of preschool and last day of preschool!
Big boy!! I think he grew over night. 
 My sweet nap buddies.
 We drove in to Andy's work and ate pizza.
 Silly kiddo's.
 Then we walked along the waterfront for Fleet Week and looked at the big ships!
 We saw a police officer on a Segway, and he gave the kids stickers.
 Happy boy! He's awake a lot more these days.
 Morning snuggles.
 He fell asleep while I was doing laundry.
 They sit on this thing and pretend it has paint, and they paint each other.
 Mirror time! We love having a mirror in the kids' room.
 Grandma Patty came over for the day.
Taking our orders for lunch. 
 Snuggly little guy.
 He also fell asleep doing tummy time. Haha!
 This is how Reid drains the bathtub. He does everything in an unconventional way.
 Reading to her brother. She's reading everything in sight now!
 Post workout photo. He does really good most of the time.
 Bath time! He's really starting to like it.
 And the big kids like it too.
 Putting his babies to bed. Everything is babies for this guy now, since Miles has been here.
 He's just about grown out of his 3 month clothes already.
 We had to return something at the mall, so we stopped in at the Apple store.
 More working out! He's such a happy baby, we are blessed.
 She loves him so much.
 Reid!! Hahaha
 On Sunday we went to church, then after lunch we headed up to Washington for Palto's wedding!
 Miles snuggling with Grandma Debbie.
 It was a beautiful ceremony.
 Ruby had so much fun with her second cousins! Especially Jack. We had so many little kids, it was a little crazy. I think just our family had 13 including the babies!!! 4 of Heidi's, 3 of mine, 3 of Ryan's, 2 of Joel's, and 1 of Mary's. :)
 And Reid just entertained himself.
 With all sorts of things. He's a little engineer.
Dancing with Grandpa John! 
 Dancing with Daddy!
 They were soooooo tired when we got home because of no nap and getting home late. Ruby barely made it in the door before she laid down.
 Me, Holly, Mary, and Heidi with our babies Miles, Ellie, Beatrix, and Levi. Our boys are way younger, but almost as big as the dainty girls!
 Our family. We were all color coordinating not on purpose, so we had to get a pic.
 Soooo cute. This is on our way to Costco to do some shopping with Aunt Becca and Uncle Danny.
 Reading a chapter book! We've been into the Magic Tree House series.
 They love their new beach towels, and immediately set up a beach when we got home.
And time to pack for camping with Grandma and Grandpa! Ruby was so excited she packed all of this herself.

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  1. Love your posts, even if you think they are "late." We really enjoyed our time with you and the kids. They are so fun. Thanks for letting us take them camping!!


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