Tuesday, June 6, 2017

5 weeks: Miles turns 1 month, Mama gets mastitis

Ruby's about to finish up preschool this week. She has had such a fun year, we are sad to see it come to an end. She had such excellent teachers and learned so much! She is reading really well now, and is an extremely smart girl. She loves making new friends everywhere we go. She is also very helpful with the baby, and always asks if he's awake. When he is she goes right up to him and says "Miles!" in a sing-songy little voice. And then she says how cute he is. She actually still takes naps regularly.

Reid, on the other hand, has never been a good sleeper. He has just about given up napping, which we're all not thrilled about. Mama needs an afternoon break! I have been napping with Miles, but that might have to stop because of the big kids. Oh well.

Speaking of Miles, he's 12lbs 5.5oz already! Such a big boy. I'll have to get out his 6 month clothes. He hasn't been sleeping great, which is not fun. But we occasionally get a 3 hour stretch in. And Andy lets me sleep in in the mornings sometimes too, which helps! He did give me a huge smile on Sunday though!! <3

I got a really bad breast infection this weekend though. Thankfully it cleared up within about a day and a half. My midwife had me taking 1000 mg of Vitamin C every two hours, and I'm still taking it 3x a day for the rest of the week. It was super painful and I had a 102 fever, which was miserable too! I'm so glad I'm on the mend now. Our house got to be a wreck while I was sick, so yesterday I went a little crazy tidying, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, etc. And my sweet friend Audrey brought us dinner.
 Here's a fun picture of all of our kids at one month old. Ruby was so chubby!! They all definitely have their own distinct looks, but they also definitely look like siblings.
She loves him so much. 
 The called this a "baby sandwich."
 We woke up and he just looked bigger to me! He's growing so fast. He naps in this rock n play sometimes, but he sleeps in the bassinet at night.
Twinsies! She loves it when we match. 
 Construction Reid "fixing" my "blue light."
 He started batting at one of his toys on his play mat!
 Traditional baby in the laundry basket picture. Laundry is a lot easier at this house since it's in the hallway instead of out in the utility room.
 Miles's second bottle!
 Our view from the changing table. It's lovely.
 His official one month photo. :)
 And of course Reid wanted in on it too.
 Nap time with Miles and Ruby!
 In his sleeping gown.
 <3 Miles is wearing the baby sweater I knitted before Ruby was born.
She got this new dress, and it is so cute. So I had them pose for me. :)
 While Ruby was at school, Reid said he wanted to go to the Children's Museum, so we did! Miles slept for most of it.
 Reid had fun in the tractor room.
And then we did the water room, and the construction room. 
Baby combover with Ruby's hair. 
 We have our home community on Friday nights, and we usually try to at least have the kids eat something before we go because it's hard to get them to eat there. This week they really wanted to eat outside. It was so cute to watch them just chatting away! They are best friends.
 We stopped by Krispy Kreme on our way there for a free donut because it was National Donut Day.
I woke up in the middle of the night Friday night with terrible pain! And a full blown infection in the morning. So I was in bed all Saturday and Sunday. :( But Miles sure was cute!!
On Saturday, Andy took Reid out for errands and hair cuts.
 Ru stayed home with me and we played games and read books.
And we nursed and snuggled a lot. 
 Right after his first smile!
 Andy checked out our washer, which leaks occasionally while the kids played in the shell.
He's just about too big for the size one diapers. 
 He's just such a cute little guy.
 Reid told Andy it was his birthday and made him this cake.
 Then the boys and I went to get groceries at Winco. Reid loved the giant caterpillar.
 And he pretended to drive while I fed Miles before heading home.
She missed him while she was at school. :)

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  1. Ruby sure is sweet with Miles!! I love the picture of Reid fixing the light and love his haircut too. Can't wait to hold that big baby!! Love you all!


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