Sunday, June 25, 2017

7 weeks: Camping with Grandma and Grandpa, and a trip to the beach

We had a busy, fun week with family!
Miles is over 13 pounds now, he's growing like a weed. :) He's just about grown out of his 3 month clothes. I got all of his 6 month clothes out while the kids went camping with Grandma and Grandpa. Also, I weeded out a lot of their toys and clothes. It is so nice to declutter! And there is way less toy mess to clean up now, which was much needed.
 He makes the funniest faces.
 I have a lot of photos like this on my phone. Silly Reid.
 And this too. 
 Ruby failed her hearing test way back in January, and then we retested in April and she did better. But they wanted to send her to an audiologist to make sure she's hearing okay. The lady was super nice, and Ruby did great! She could hear fine, but one machine was registering lower for her higher frequencies. So they just want her to come back and retest in a year. I'm glad she hears well though! I wasn't too worried honestly.
 After the Audiologist, I drove the big kids down to Champoeg to where my parents were camping with their new trailer. They were there from Tuesday to Thursday. We ate lunch, and then Miles and I headed back home for a nice, uninterrupted nap. 
 Andy and I had a lovely, quiet dinner on Tuesday night! Then Wednesday night we went out for Thai food that was delicious.
 The kids had a blast!! They rode bikes, played in the park, drank hot chocolate, and much more.
 There was a really cool park with this fun water pump.
 And they climbed up into this tree house type thing!
 Enjoying their hot chocolate treat.
 Happy guy!
 And the mess I tackled. I got rid of about half of their things! And they rediscovered some fun things they hadn't played with in a long time.
 We got rid of about half of the cars, organized the books, etc.
Much better!!! 
Clean and tidy!!! 
 He really likes looking at things like his birdie.
 She came back on Thursday with this beautiful curly hair. And we all had a good nap.  We really missed our big kids!! Although the quiet was nice as well. :)
 Bath time!
 She quickly figured out how to get to the books, but they're too high for Reid who made most of the mess of them anyway.
 I love when he gets excited and makes this face.
 Expressive baby!
 My little workout buddy.
 Ruby wanted him to lay on a pillow.
 After a nice, warm bath. He screamed through his first few, but he really likes them now.
 I love his chin dimple.
 We packed up everything and headed to the coast with my family! Randall and Sophie flew in late Friday night, my parents were here with their trailer, and Cindy's family met us there. Miles liked his mobile in his pack n play.
 Watching the Court Jester. We stayed in a nice, big house that worked out great.
 Ruby and Reid slept upstairs on the floor with Quin and Lia. They did pretty good, although it took them a while to fall asleep the first night. The second and third nights they were so exhausted that they fell right to sleep.
 Ruby was on our kitchen crew and helped with the fruit salad. We all rotated making food and cleaning up all weekend.
 This photo is so Reid... eating and sitting on Dad with a tractor. He's the funniest little kid.
 Sunday we headed to the beach! The guys dug a big pit, of course.
 We tried to shade Miles the whole time, but he ended up getting a sunburn. :( I felt terrible.
 We snuggled a lot. It was a gorgeous day!
 Ruby and most of the others hiked up the giant sand dune (she made it all the way up!), and Reid stayed back with Andy and I. He had tons of fun playing in the waves and flying the kite.
 Ruby had fun too! Apparently she ate it pretty hard running down the dune and the sand was embedded in her face, poor thing. She got right up and kept going though.
 Playing in the big hole.
 Sleepy Reid.
 Ruby loved swimming in the hot tub.
And playing Battleship. 
 Poor little lobster.
 I made strawberry short cake for Father's Day. It was delicious!
 We celebrated the fantastic dads. :) We love you, Andy!
 The kids were fascinated at the front loading washer.
 Trying to keep them awake in the car. They love music.
 Chillaxing. This is what vacation is all about.
 Monday morning we went on a hike! It was gorgeous and a little chilly.
 Ruby and Grandpa.
 Me and my little bro.
 Our little family headed back early so we could go attempt a nap. The kids were so tired we had to take turns carrying them.
 That night we did a little talent show. Ruby sang some songs from Preschool and The Perfect Nanny from Mary Poppins.
 Quin sang a song from Hamilton. I didn't get a picture of Lia, but she sang You Got a Friend in Me.
 And Reid told a story.
 Little D did some cute dancing! He's adorable.
Cousin wrestle time! She loves her cousins so much.
Chatting with Grandpa John.

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  1. Such a fun time!! So glad we all like to get together!! Making memories!!


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