Monday, September 4, 2017

18 weeks: Last week of summer, and Miles turns 4 months!

We really tried to enjoy our last week of summer before school, and we did! We had fun at the Children's Museum, Ruby learned to ride her bike without training wheels, we finished swimming lessons, and went to the river today for Labor Day!

Miles hasn't gotten his new teeth yet, but they're right below the surface. He hasn't been as fussy, which has been nice. I think they'll pop through any day now.

Ruby has been pretty nervous about starting Kindergarten this week. She has been acting out quite a bit, but I know that once she starts she'll get some great new friends and do just fine. 
 Playing Veterinarian at the Children's Museum.
 And playing puppets.
 Fixing his tractor.
 Riding bikes with our neighbor Lupe. Ruby and Lupe play over the fence all the time.
 He loves his tractor!
 Then Andy took Ruby's training wheels off, and she took off! Literally. He had to run to keep up with her. This is after a few times down the street. She did amazing.
 These brothers already like to play together.
 Miles sandwich.
 Reid wanted me to draw a blue tractor for Ruby. How sweet.
 Repairing their phone with their toy tools.
 They love to read!
 Ruby decided they were going to run away under the table. So they packed up a ton of stuff, and then set it up. They really wanted to sleep there too...
 ...but they didn't last long. They kept pinching each other. Hahaha It was cute though.
 Chubby guy!
 They look a lot alike.
 Reading us her bible story book at breakfast.
 We had shape drawing contests.
 And then they both drew a picture of Daddy. :)
 They have two decks of cards, and they got all mixed up. So I showed Ruby how to sort them out and she loved it. She has done it a few times since. She's so much like me!
 She made eggs with only a little help! They were great.
 Whoa!!! He loves this thing, like our other two did.
 Ruby made this sign just for fun. So funny.
 He was playing tractor.
 On Thursday night we went to Ruby's school for Back n Track, the back to school night mixed with celebrating the new track they built. We got to meet Ruby's teacher Mrs. Kohl, who was really nice. She sorted all of her school supplies into the bins.
 Then we ate hot dogs, and then we went to Grandpa Del's birthday celebration. It was a little crazy with the family at a restaurant, so I didn't get any pictures.
 Reid laid out all of the post-its.
 Last day of swimming lessons! Reid did not love it and cried through most of it. :( But hopefully it at least helped a bit.
 Post nap sleepy boy.
 Miles turned 4 months old on Friday! He's such a big boy, I'm pretty sure he's about 17 pounds. We'll find out officially at his appointment tomorrow.
 Teaching him how to do a feet fight.
 Cutie chatty guy.
 It has been super hot. The kids get overheated when they play outside for too long. Water is so helpful.
 Helping Daddy organize the garage on Saturday. He loves making cranes out of things.
 Sleepy nap time!
 She's been reading right through her story bible.
 Chewing on everything in site!
 We ran to Ikea to exchange some things after church on Sunday, and we stopped at the airport to watch some planes land.
The kids loved it! 
 Ruby has been loving cucumbers and red bell peppers for lunch.
 We went to a plant nursery Sunday evening for fun. The kids loved this giant giraffe.
 And the chickens. I miss having chickens.
 Ruby wanted to do a performance for us, so she danced to a song from Tangled.
 And then Reid wanted to do one too, so he ran around hitting things with his blanket. Hahahaha!
 Story time!
 This morning. <3
 We had fun at the river today! Trying to beat the 100 degree heat. We met some friends from our home community there too.
 The kids had so much fun.
 Miles slept for a few minutes, but really just wanted to be held.
Ruby had fun climbing on the log, and Reid had fun playing with his dump truck. 
 Enjoying the shade with our littlest.
They made a "waterfall." They're so much fun.

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  1. You packed in a lot this summer!! Enjoyed these pictures, they are growing up even since we saw them last. Love the under the table fun. And so good that Ruby is already reading the Bible. Love how Reid focuses on tractors, cranes, any big equipment. And that little Miles....


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