Wednesday, August 30, 2017

17 weeks: Sick and teething

Miles has been drooling a ton and chewing on everything, and this week he has been super fussy. That can only mean one thing... his first tooth is on its way! He has been sleeping horribly, and taking short naps too. It makes it a little tough.

Ruby got a random fever and headache on Tuesday, which was sad. Thankfully it never got too high and was done by Wednesday night. We did have to skip swimming lessons though. :(

Reid has been crazy lately. Like over the top hilarious, and also over the top naughty. He's a typical 3-year old boy, but we're definitely having to get creative and more consistent with discipline.

We love our kids so much. Life is so crazy and I have severe sleep deprivation, but it's really worth it. There are so many special moments I get to spend with my kids. Like when they need a little Mommy snuggle, or when they turn to me and say, "Mommy, I love you." Moments to treasure.
 Reid showing his crane and cars to his little brother.
 We've been loving puzzles.
 Sweet sleeping baby.
Wearing our babies!
And then there's Reid... silly boy. 
 Reid was singing Happy Birthday to Ruby, which was so cute.
 He moved up to his big boy bassinet!
 Playing school with the horses.
 Kinetic sand
 Outside time!
 His narwhal jammies!!!
 We went to the farmer's market on Saturday. It was a little stressful, but also fun.
 Ruby had fun in the fountain. We left her swimsuit bottoms at the Butenschoen's, so she's been wearing her workout shorts for swimming. Haha!
 We looked up Cirque du Soleil on YouTube and watched some, which the kids loved! Then Ruby went to her room and got on tights and a tucked in shirt, then came out and was jumping over the baby play mat and trying other circus things. So cute.
 We made an easy dinner Saturday night of yogurt/granola and lots of cut up veggies.
 So happy!!! He is the smiliest baby.
 :) He constantly has his hands in his mouth. And his giggles are so cute.
 Fishing! Ruby has been wanting to take showers, so Reid gets baths to himself.
 Chewing on everything. I had this in the fridge, so that helped.
 I only let him do this for a minute. He wanted to sing me a song on the stage. <3
 She loves games! Playing with Daddy...
 ...and the next morning with Mommy.
 Happy face snack. I sure am going to miss her when she starts Kindergarten next week.
 Story time, all three.
 He really doesn't like getting in the water. I usually have to carry him to the pool. 
 Sophie the Giraffe gets a kiss
 She drew a picture of our family. That's Miles way up in the air.
 Andy took her training wheels off! She did great! She fell once or twice, but then got right back on. She's good on straight stretches and can start and stop well too. Andy got some good exercise running with her!
Tummy time

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