Wednesday, July 6, 2011

11 weeks


It’s 11 weeks today! We’re almost through the first trimester, just 2 weeks left. Yay! We told a bunch of people this week, and everyone’s excited for us. Our friend Geoff was so excited that he tweeted “Congratulations @jillpullen” when Andy told the church staff before he had a chance to say that it’s not common knowledge yet. Geoff felt pretty bad, but I think only one person saw it. It was pretty funny.

We told my Mom’s side of the family at our annual Juanita Lake camping trip. It was pretty great. Andy was giving instructions to everyone to only take one burger, and then he said, “And also, Jill’s pregnant.” Everyone was excited. I think my Mom got it on video. She even had our baby’s first present for us (yellow booties she crocheted and a very soft duckie blanket).

I also told everyone at work today. They’re all very excited about it, especially Michelle, Denise, and Anita. They’re all acting like Grandmas, it’s cute.

I’m getting to the point where I’m not as worried about losing the baby the further we get along, but I think I’ll still be nervous until I can feel it moving and kicking. But that’s at least 6-10 weeks away. I think I’ll also have some relief when I’m in the second trimester.

Changes this week: My tummy’s starting to grow a little bit. I’m not really feeling sick much at all anymore, which is very nice. I have been absolutely exhausted, however, and I like to go to bed nice and early.

Cravings this week: Milk & fruit. Good thing I have ripe strawberries at my house and I’ll probably get blueberries in a few weeks. Yum!

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