Wednesday, July 13, 2011

12 Weeks


We’ve made it to 12 weeks! The rate of miscarriage from this point on is very low, so that’s encouraging! This week we broke the news to the rest of the world. We told our middle schoolers on Sunday and I told Facebook on Sunday night. It’s nice to have the news out and to not have to suck in my belly anymore. We’re almost done with the first trimester! About a week and a half left. This pregnancy is going by fast already.

The baby is now the size of a large plum or lime and is over two inches long. That’s getting crazy. It’s going to start growing really fast. It has reflexes now and is kicking up a storm. I’m very excited to be able to feel that, but it might be a long ways off still. Some people don’t feel it until later in the second trimester. I can feel my uterus getting bigger. I guess it’s the size of a cantaloupe or something now. My belly's starting to show a little bit :)

Changes this week: Morning sickness came back with a vengeance this week. I still haven’t thrown up, but this morning was close. Blech. And I’ve been absolutely exhausted, especially in the afternoon and evenings. I just get home from work and want to crash. I wish I could have naps every day, I think that would help. Oh well.

Cravings this week: Pasta and bland carbs (crackers, etc). I’ve been forcing protein down my throat because I need it and it helps with the morning sickness. But blech.

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