Wednesday, September 14, 2011

21 Weeks


Not much for news here this week. Everything is going very well, and the baby is definitely growing. It’s kicking up a storm which is so fun to feel all day. Andy’s birthday was on Saturday, so we relaxed and spent time with friends all weekend.

The exciting news is that we’re going on a trip to New York next month! My wonderful parents got me a ticket to accompany Andy to a conference, so we have 5 days to hang out in the Big Apple. It will be right at the end of my second trimester, so I think the timing is just about perfect and it will be so much fun.

Changes this week: Sleeping has still not been great, my left hip hurts if I lay too long on that side, and my right leg goes numb if I lay too long on that side. So it’s pretty much flipping over all night. I think we may have to get a foam mattress topper for comfort, and hopefully that will help. That being said, I get pretty tired in the afternoons now.

Cravings this week: Nothing abnormal. Our weekly CSA box is keeping my veggie/berry palette happy.

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  1. You look like you are carrying the baby high! You are looking good! Glad you are feeling good too. Give that little one a hug for us! We love you all three.


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