Wednesday, September 28, 2011

23 Weeks


Just under 4 months until our due date! At 23 weeks our baby is the size of a large mango, weighing over a pound. It’s about 11 inches long from head to toe, which is just crazy! It’s been kicking a lot all the time. In church on Sunday I saw it kick from the outside, and I’ve seen it several times since then. It’s definitely getting big! One more week and it is possible that it could survive outside the womb. I’m thankful to be that far along.

I think I’ve kind of started nesting already. I’ve been wanting to make things (like a couch pillow), and clean things (we tackled the fridge last night). We’re going to build some shelves in our utility room and the baby’s closet next. I’m glad I can do those things while I still have energy and am not huge.

Cutest thing ever… I had a haircut after work in Salem on Monday, so I asked Andy to make me a sandwich to take with me. He met me at the door with a whole brown paper sack lunch, and in it was a half-pint jar full of milk It was too cute.

Changes this week: I’m trying to sleep with more pillows, and I think they helped a little last night, but then they got in the way when I’d try to turn over. I guess I’m just not going to get a terribly huge amount of sleep anytime soon. It’s preparing me for having a newborn. My belly’s starting to get a little itchy from the stretching. No stretch marks yet, and my fingers are crossed.

Cravings this week: Fall things like pumpkin scones, chicken pot pie, etc. I think that has more to do with the weather than pregnancy though. That huge jar of pickles I bought at week 10 has been sitting in the fridge uneaten since week 15. It’s so funny how tastes change.


  1. Thank you so much for posting every week!! I love it and look forward to seeing little Pullen get bigger! You definitely are carrying that baby high. You look beautiful as a pregnant mommy! Glad you are feeling good too.
    Can't wait to see you.

  2. You are SO beautiful Jill! I'm so excited to see you at your shower!


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