Wednesday, November 9, 2011

29 Weeks


This week our baby is the size of a butternut squash, and about 2 ½ pounds, 15 inches long. It still has a lot of weight to pack on during the last 11 weeks, and about 5 more inches to grow. I’m not sure there’s that much room in my belly!

We had our first baby shower on Friday at the home of Jon and Janelle Furman. They threw a great party and there was tons of food and friends/family there. We were also given a lot of really nice gifts from everyone. They had an affirmation time, and it was really cool to hear encouragement from everyone. We also got lots of hand-me-downs from both of our sisters (thanks!!).

My parents were able to come up for the shower and the weekend, so that was fun. We had a nice relaxing weekend with them including going on a really long walk and going out to a yummy dinner. They brought us up a mattress for our bed, and it has been helpful with getting more sleep.

I’m majorly nesting. Last night I got home from work and made dinner, did the laundry, wrote all of our baby shower thank you notes, made applesauce and cleaned up the kitchen. Whew. My to-do list keeps getting longer though, not shorter… I keep thinking of more things that need to get done. Andy’s really good at helping do things, so I think together we’ll be able to tackle everything by January.

Changes this week: This third trimester is really different than the previous two. My joints are starting to crack more/hurt more. My belly’s getting pretty large, my hips hurt when I sleep, etc. It’s really fun to feel the baby’s little feet moving around though.

Cravings this week: Sweets and desserts, although I really need to limit those so I don’t grow a monster baby.

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  1. It was really fun to be with you over the weekend!! Exciting to watch the baby grow! Love you so much! Mom


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