Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Weeks


I'm blogging early today because I'm home sick. I caught a cold yesterday and today it feels like my lungs are on fire. I've been drinking lots of tea and water and trying to get some rest. I hate being sick, and I'm glad it doesn't happen very often!

As for our pregnancy... only 10 weeks to go until our due date!! We're officially 3/4 of the way there. Big baby is approximately 15.5 inches long and about 3 pounds. It's getting big and I'm feeling it. Less kicks and more strange rolling movements all around. I love it. We're getting so excited to welcome our baby into our family soon-ish.

Andy's gone on a youth pastor retreat. He left on Sunday and is getting home this afternoon while I'm at my midwife appointment. It's been very lonely with him gone, but I've been very busy and sick. It will be so nice when he's home again, I miss him. We started birthing classes on Friday, and they go on for five weeks. The only down side is that we have to drive 45 minutes to get there. Our midwife highly recommended the lady who teaches them and says that her ladies do well in labor. It's very much geared toward natural birthing, kind of like a Bradley class. I think we'll get a lot out of it. She has me writing down everything I'm eating this week to make sure I get all the right nutrients and she had lots of relaxation techniques, stretches, and exercises for me to do.

I ordered some of our cloth diapers on sale, and they should be here tomorrow :) They're very cute and I'm excited to see them on our baby. Plus we will be saving tons of money!! People have been very generous in giving us things. Just this week we got a baby swing and a bag of girl clothes (if it's a boy we'll just give them to someone else). We're feeling very blessed.

Changes this week: I'm now experiencing tail bone and rib pain. Not sure why, maybe the baby is hanging out there. My tailbone isn't as sore as it was a few days ago though, so that's good.

Cravings this week: I'm just trying to eat healthy. Staying away from too much sugar is important for not growing a huge baby. It's so hard with it being fall and the holidays around the corner. Everyone at work brings in goodies all the time. I do feel very proud of myself when I say no though. I'll try to keep that up.


  1. So glad you are on the receiving end of getting things for the baby! Sorry you are sick, hope it soon passes. We are praying daily for you!! Dad has been gone as well... to Nebr. for meetings but home tonight!! Love you so much, MOM
    P.S. The birthing classes really do help! I'm sure they have changed a lot since I took them!

  2. Thanks for including a picture!!! You've grown since we last saw you!! Give the baby a love for us.

    Get better too! Love you all so much.


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