Wednesday, November 23, 2011

31 Weeks


This week the baby is about 3.3 pounds and 16” long. It’s getting pretty big in there, and I think it’s supposed to grow a ½ pound each week until week 38. The movements I’ve been feeling have changed from lots of kicks to more squirms because it doesn’t have as much space. Everything’s still going great with the pregnancy. We’re getting anxious to meet our baby in about 9 weeks!

My cold is much, much better. Those vitamins my midwife said to take really seem to have helped. I’m glad it’s mostly gone for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I’m also just really glad that I have a four-day weekend. We’re heading to Lake Oswego tomorrow to spend time with Andy’s family, which will be fun.

At our midwife appointment last Wednesday Carol gave us a list of things to start getting together for the birth, so we’ve been working on that. We ordered a birth kit with things like umbilical cord clamps, gloves, etc. in it so we’ll be all prepared. I’m getting excited about birth at home.

We now have a baby pool online! We’ve decided that the prize for whoever guesses the closest will be a $10 Amazon gift card. If you want to make your guess, go to Good luck!

Changes this week: I’m starting to feel like my ligaments are loosening in my hips and pelvis. Our birthing class instructor told us ways to move around that will cause less injury, so I’ve been trying to do that. It feels weird though.

Cravings this week: Oranges

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  1. So glad you post every week. I look forward to watching you "grow!" So wonderful how God made us to have children. Take care of yourself and be careful of where you walk... up stairs, etc. You probably can't see your feet really well anymore!

    Love you,


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