Wednesday, November 2, 2011

28 Weeks


We only have about 12 weeks left until we get to meet our baby! We’re getting so excited to be parents. Our little one is about 2 ¼ pounds and 14 ½” long at this point. My parents are coming up this weekend for our first baby shower on Friday! We’re very excited to see our family and friends and to celebrate our little baby.

We went to the midwife today, and everything’s looking great! I measured at 26cm and the baby’s heartbeat was 144. The great news, is that Carol called our insurance, and it looks like they are going to cover more than we thought!

With the coming of the third trimester my nesting urge has increased. I’ve just been wanting to tackle my big to-do list and get stuff done. Last weekend we built shelves in our utility room, put some shelves in the baby’s closet, got our carpets cleaned, started organizing the stuff in the baby’s room, installed new smoke alarms, and probably a few more things that I can’t think of. I also had to go shopping for a few more work pants, because I was down to pretty much one pair that I don’t even really like. I don’t know why they make maternity pants so short… maybe I just have long legs. It’s annoying.

I’m definitely getting clumsy. I have so many little cuts and burns on my hands that Andy said it looks like I’ve been in a fist fight. On Sunday I made two pans of enchiladas which were delicious, but when I went to put the second pan in the fridge I completely dropped it upside down on the floor. That made me very sad to waste the delicious enchiladas. I guess that just gives me an excuse to make them again

Changes this week: I’ve started having Braxton Hicks contractions a few times a day. It’s kind of a strange sensation when my uterus tightens for a few seconds, then it goes away. It doesn’t hurt at all. It’s just my body getting ready to push out the baby! Sleeping is pretty much horrible. I can’t seem to get comfortable anymore. And I’ve gotten heavy so fast that my tailbone and my feet hurt most of the time from sitting and standing.

Cravings this week: Chocolate, but I really shouldn’t be having too much of it. I’ve really been liking plain yogurt lately too.

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  1. Aunt Mary and I are sitting in our kitchen looking at this together!! You are so, so, so, cute!!

    from Aunt Mary...Hi Jill! You look just beautiful!! I remember my baby doctor told me that all of his "moms" had little burns on their wrists and arms and it just went with pregnancy. God bless you in this wonderful time Jill, it is such a special, never to be forgotten time. I love you!!

    Love you, see you soon... Mom


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