Thursday, April 5, 2012

10 Weeks

Our little Ruby is getting to be so expressive! She's so much fun to interact with. She loves looking at people's faces and making faces back. She's been sleeping most of the way through the night for at least a week, which has been nice. Her dark blue eyes are so pretty, and her hair is starting to grow. I love being at home with her. I gave my notice at work yesterday, so in two weeks I'll go back for two weeks. Her Grandma's are coming to hang out with her, so that will be fun (but hard for me).
She loves when I read her stories (at least she likes looking at the pictures).
We love her cloth diapers! So cute!!
Her doggy Annabelle who likes to sneak in licks.
Minnie Mouse hat from Uncle Randy! It's a little big still, but will fit great when we go to Disneyland in November :)
Cute smile
Nap time with Grandma Patty
So precious. In the purple sweater I made.
And the blue sweater I made.
Aunt Becca wanted to measure her cheeks because they are soooo chubby. :)

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  1. Love all the new pictures!! Can't wait to see her... and you too!


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