Thursday, April 12, 2012

11 Weeks

This is Ruby on Tuesday night, almost 11 weeks old. She's really turning out to be such a sweetheart! She loves to cuddle. I'm guessing she's getting close to 15 pounds now (I have muscly arms now). She's really starting to enjoy when I read her stories too. Here are some photos from this week.
Last night smiling while getting a bath from Daddy.
Crossed eyes during tummy time! She's really kicking around, so she'll probably roll over soon.
Poor Ruby had lots of carseat time this week. She was making lots of cute faces at me.

Wearing a pink sweater that I wore when I was a baby, and snuggling with a quilt of mine.
Playing Bang with Daddy.
We went down to my parents' house for Easter. Here's her Easter outfit that she then pooped on :) At least we got some pictures first.
All snuggly at the Easter Sunrise service in my new Baby Hawk Mei Tai carrier :) Thanks for the birthday gift Mom and Dad!
This turned out to be the theme of the weekend.
With Uncle Randy
Everyone has to have one of those baby in the laundry basket pictures. It really is much more convenient to carry the laundry and her together in the basket!

Playing with Mommy.
She has the cutest little cowlick.

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  1. Such a sweet baby!!! We enjoy every minute we get to see her. You are doing a great job as parents!


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