Thursday, April 26, 2012

13 Weeks

Ruby is three months old today! I kept thinking all day about how three months ago I was in labor, and had a tiny baby. She's getting all big now. She's so sweet and has pretty blue eyes. She loves to suck and chew on her fist and fingers. She also loves looking at and talking to people. She's holding her head up so well during tummy time. She loves looking at the doggies while they wrestle. She's starting to be so interested in everything that goes on around her, and it's cool to see her little mind figuring things out. She's started drooling a lot, so lots of burp rags and bibs are necessary.

Pretty eyes.

Napping with Mommy

Mmmmm... fist.

It was super hot this weekend, so she lived in a diaper + bib.

Playing with her toy.

A pacifier from the Hodgson's...


Soooo tired.

Cuddling with Daddy.

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