Thursday, April 19, 2012

12 Weeks

 Our sweet girl is 12 weeks old already! She's getting so pretty and has quite the personality. I went back to work today for two weeks, so that was kind of hard. My mom is here now to watch her. She gets to hang out with her Daddy on Monday, and Andy's mom is coming to watch her next week along with our good friend Kristen. So she'll be in good hands. :) Ruby found her two fingers to suck on this week. She still tries to cram her whole fist in her mouth though most of the time. She's still mostly sleeping through the night. Last night she was hungry at about 2am, but the night before she slept until 7am! Crazy. I took her over to Norpac on Tuesday, and she smiled and talked to everyone there. She loves being around people!

 Her cute love outfit.

 Sleeping cute.

 And sleeping cute again :)

 Baby with Mommy

 All smiles
Sleeping on cousin Lia.

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  1. Love looking at all the pics!! But loved taking care of her in person more!! Thanks Andy & Jill!! I am missing her and you today. She is such a sweet personable baby!


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