Friday, May 11, 2012

15 Weeks

I didn't post yesterday because our house got broken into! Only a few tools were stolen, but Ruby and I were napping when I saw the guy knocking on our back door. I called Andy and then 911, and the guy ran off. It was pretty scary. But we're all okay, the Lord protected us.

So as for an update on Ruby... she's getting so good at grabbing things with her hands! She also loves babbling and talking. It's adorable. She slept almost through the night last night, so that was nice. She's a charmer and really loves people. She also loves standing up. We love her so much!

Playing with her toys

Annabelle wants to be on the quilt too.

Chewing on her giraffe.

All cute and warm in her sleep sack.

First art project.

This is her waking up. She likes to rub her face. So cute.

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