Friday, May 18, 2012

16 Weeks

I'm a day late again... oops! I'll get back on track next week. We had my first Mother's Day this weekend! It was great. Andy and Ruby got me a cool bike and we worked in the garden. It was a lovely day. We saw both sets of Grandparents this week too. Ruby loves to see them! She's so good at grabbing things now. She figured out her little bird that's attached to her carseat. She pulls it down and lets go, then it vibrates back up. So cute. She loves her toys and loves to watch the dogs play. She's so sweet and really loves smiling and laughing at people. She's been drooling a ton, so a bib is almost always necessary.
 Afternoon trip to the park with the dogs.

 We had some friends down on Saturday evening, and they have a 6 month old boy named Elijah. They were so interested in each other! It was so cute.

 Happy girl.
 Mother's Day :)
I'm teaching her about cooking already. 
 She loves this ball!
 My Mother's Day present.
 I put my ring on her finger and she was so interested in it.
 Sweet smile.
I love this look. 
 Such pretty blue/gray eyes.

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