Thursday, November 1, 2012

40 Weeks

Ruby turned 9 months old on Friday! My how the time flies. Here's our little cutie showing off her teeth and her little dimple (she only has one just like Mommy). She caught another cold on Thursday :( They just don't stay away. It's most likely from being in the nursery, since Ruby's great at sharing germs. She's been having trouble falling asleep, it's too exciting to sit there and clap, or to stand in her crib. And it's also fun to throw her pacifiers over the side. Silly girl. Sleep is always bad when she has a cold, but thankfully last night she only woke up twice total. Yay!
 Mommy got a new diaper bag in the mail this week. Ruby was too excited to have some paper and a box to play with for a little while.
 Her official 9 month photo.
 She got some new toys from a friend... Disney characters! We're prepping her for our trip to Disneyland later this month.
 Ruby was way into watching the World Series, and cheered with us for the Giants.
 Hanging out with Mommy.
 She loves reading her books.
 Standing up all over the place!

She fell asleep like this yesterday. I guess it was comfortable. :)
Yesterday was Halloween, so my little Gingerbread baby and I went to Norpac to say hi to all of the nice ladies, and then we went trick-or-treating at Marian Estates (retirement center and convalescent home) with some friends.
This is Andy's costume... Rod Sterling from the Twilight Zone. Ruby is intrigued by his lack of a beard. She just stares at him, but she smiles and recognizes him.
She was climbing in a basket this morning while I was sorting out the diapers she's grown out of. Silly baby.

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  1. Ruby sure likes to have fun!! She is always smiling! Happy BABY! You and Andy are doing such a great job raising her.

    Love you!


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