Thursday, November 8, 2012

41 Weeks

Ruby has been constantly sick for the past few weeks :( It's getting old, poor baby. She has a cough and is snotty. She also started cruising around the furniture this week. She loves walking around, and can even go from the ottoman to the coffee table if they're close enough. She got her top right molar in. She's been practicing different consonants (ts and k lately). It's pretty cute. She says it all day long, and those ones make her slobber extra. We're back to wearing bibs most of the time :)

Grandma Patty and Grandpa Del came to watch Ruby on Thursday night so Mommy could go to youth group, which was fun. Then on Friday night she went to the Hodgson's house and we went out to a movie. These next few weeks are going to be pretty crazy with our youth staff retreat tomorrow, Andy will be gone for a few days next weekend for a youth workers conference, then down to California for Grandma Ann's funeral, Thanksgiving with the Sprunger clan, and our Wetzig family Disneyland trip. It will be lots of fun, but I'm sure Ruby's funky sleep schedule she's in right now won't get any better. Oh well.
 I got some pretty flowers that stay in her hair!
 Walking around the furniture.
 She sits sideways in the shopping carts... just like Mommy used to do in her high chair. 
 She loves Goofy. She was chewing him like this for a while, no hands. :)
 And she still loves bath time.
Poor Ruby got bit right under her eye in the nursery on Sunday. It's her first injury. 
This is how I get house work done. 
 Fun with Mommy.
 She kept trying to sit up under the coffee table and got frustrated.
 Trying to play the piano.
 She just started sucking on her fingers yesterday.
And she loves pulling things off of the desk shelves.

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  1. I just love looking at all these pictures - makes my day!!! I can imagine her really doing the antics she is up to! (She is a lot like you were, Jill!) I love her smile with her owie. Love you all so much!!! I l


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