Thursday, November 22, 2012

43 Weeks

It's been quite a week! Andy was gone Thursday through Sunday at a youth workers conference, so our friend Carey came to stay with us for a few days. On Sunday night Ruby got a fever, so we took her to the doctor early Monday morning, and she was fine. Probably her teeth or something. After that we got in the van and headed down to Lincoln, CA with Del and Patty for Grandma Ann's funeral on Tuesday. It was nice to see all of the Pullens and to hang out for a bit. On Saturday we are heading down to LA with my family to go to Disneyland for 4 days. Andy and I have always looked forward to taking our kids there, and we are so excited to finally get to introduce Ruby to one of our favorite places.

Ruby almost has her bottom left molar in. It's been right below the surface for about 2 weeks now, so one of these days it will pop through. She started actually crawling this week, and it's adorable. She cruises around the furniture really fast as well. She loves to read stories and is great at turning the pages with a little help. She especially loves the Touch and Feel books with fur and shiny things.

 Story time with Daddy.
 Ruby and her cousins Chloe and Charlotte.
 She loved the hats at In-N-Out.
 Ruby and all of her Grandparents
 She's excited to meet Mickey!
 Happy girl.
She got to play with our old bath toys.

Today is Thanksgiving, and I am so so so thankful for my husband and my little girl. I'm thankful that Andy has a job so that I can stay at home with Ruby and take care of her. This has been a wonderful year so far. 

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