Thursday, November 15, 2012

42 Weeks

Our shark baby after a bath.
Ruby's still sick! This cold she has won't go away. And her bottom left molar is about to come through, so that's probably hurting too. The last two nights she was up about every hour the whole night wide awake... My eyelids are propped open right now. Not really, I'm doing fine. It's all about taking naps.

One of my favorite things that Ruby does... when she's nursing, she puts her hand up to my mouth for a kiss. Love it.

Andy and Aunt Becca are in Dallas for the next few days at a youth workers conference, and our friend Carey is coming to hang out with us! We miss Daddy though. I just got a pedicure (thanks to my friend Janna!) this morning, and Brandon watched Ruby at the salon. She was super cute crawling around, climbing on the furniture, and babbling for everyone. She sure is a charmer.
 She climbed inside of a bowl.
 Reading with Daddy on a lazy Monday morning.
 Staring at the fan.
 We had our youth staff retreat over the weekend, and Ruby did great. She had lots of fun and kept everyone entertained.
 She loves cruising around the furniture!
 At our Harvest Dinner with two of her friends, Karley and Hannah. It's so cute to watch them all play together.
 She has recently started sucking her thumb or her fingers. She hasn't found a favorite though, so we'll see if it keeps up or becomes a habit.
 She's a great quilting buddy.
And she still gets into everything around!

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