Thursday, January 24, 2013

52 Weeks

This is the last post before Ruby turns one! I can't believe it. We've really enjoyed this first year of her life a lot. She took a few more steps this week, one time about 4 or 5, and yesterday she took 3. I think she thought I was still holding on to her. She can do it, she's just not too confident yet. It's cute to see her try though.
My parents are visiting for a few days between their trip to India and Ruby's birthday party on Saturday. My mom has been really sick, but is thankfully feeling much better today. Ruby sure likes her grandparents.
I put pigtails in her hair last week... so cute.
 Playing with her friend Quinn. 
 Sitting pretty.
 Eating a banana.
She climbed in the cupboard to get more containers out. Hilarious. 
 She likes to ride on her wagon with Mommy's help.
 Naked baby!
We're sleeping in Ruby's room because my parents are visiting. She likes crawling around on the air mattress, and it's not too much of a drop on the edges. She sure can get around.

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  1. It's fun to be here! So glad she is growing up so fine with such good parents. Can't believe a year has flown by since her birth. She is such a sweet, lovable little girl. You are doing an awesome job raising her to know the Lord!


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