Thursday, January 17, 2013

51 Weeks

I really think Ruby looks like Andy in this picture. She's such a cutie pie. She's really talking a lot, mostly saying "Yes" and when she says "Ma" she blows a big bubble. She walks laps around the ottoman and coffee table, but still hasn't taken too many steps on her own. She has figured out how to put things in her bucket and take them out. It's too cute to watch her push her wagon to a surface, bend down and take a toy and put it on the surface, then move on. She still loves reading her books as well, and looking out the window.
Nights this week have been rough. I'm not sure why she's sleeping so bad. We're trying to figure out a better schedule so she will sleep better. I'm tired! We're getting her birthday party all planned. It should be lots of fun. I can't believe she'll be one a week from Saturday. I've really enjoyed her first year of life, and I love being her mommy. :)
 Sleeping angel.
 She likes to follow me around the house.

Ruby's first art project! Inside a ziplock bag for no mess.
It was fun, but unfortunately the paper got too wet from the paint and it ripped. 
 Silly girl eating her bananas. I think her favorite foods right now are chicken and black beans. She can eat those things by the hand full.
 Waiting for Daddy to get home.
Smooches with Mommy.

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  1. Can't wait to see her in a few days!!! So cute!
    Glad you are recording week by week events. Priceless.
    Love you!


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