Thursday, January 10, 2013

50 Weeks

Big news! Ruby is able to stand by herself for a little bit, and she took her first step (see the video)! And she also said "Mama" (finally)! She's about to turn into a toddler. It's been a good week. Her cold is better, and she's just been as busy as ever, getting into everything. She really likes pushing buttons. She also is getting good at putting things into her bucket. I love hearing her chatter all day long while she looks at her books, walks around with her walker, and plays with her toys. Her favorite things to say right now are "yes" (she usually whispers it, it's too cute), "Bda bda bda" and "this". She's such a fun baby. I especially love it when she's nursing and she pulls off to talk to me. Andy especially loves it when they're playing and she lays her head on his shoulder for a second.
 New bath toys from Christmas (thanks Grandma Debbie!)
 She loves to walk around the house.
 And she loves getting into the stuff in the cupboards.
Standing! (And waving, of course!) 
 She was fascinated with Daddy's water in his glass.
Cutie pie :)
The video of her first step!


  1. Oh my goodness what cuteness my random search of Foothills Church pictures revealed!

  2. Love the video!! Thanks for sharing such a great moment. Glad both dad and mom were eyewitnesses of her first step! Love you!


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