Thursday, January 3, 2013

49 Weeks

It's been a lovely week. We finished out our time in Grenada, came home, and then Ruby got a nasty cold. But we've been taking the days slowly and she's doing better. She learned to point at things yesterday, and today she was putting things into a bucket. She learns so quickly! And now she waves at everyone when we go shopping.

Here are the pictures I didn't post last week and the ones from this week:
 Ruby schooled us in her first game of Golf. I helped her though :)

 Fun playing the piano with Mommy.
 Cutie patootie.
 Christmas Eve present from Grandma and Grandpa Wetzig.
New jammies! 
 Sleeping away on Christmas morning.
 It was a super fun morning with her.
 She didn't know how to open her presents.
But she liked playing with the paper and boxes afterwards! 
With her cousins Chloe and Charlee. 
 Ruby loves her cousins.
 Trying to lick the telescope.
 Chubby baby :)
 11 month photos

 She really loves reading her books.

 She crosses her feet a lot. And she pulled off her socks and up her pant leg. Silly girl.
 Road trip to Grenada, CA!
 Ruby with Mommy's cousins Karen, Carla, Emily and Ellie.
 With Great Grandma Birdie.
 With cousins Quin and Lia.
 She sure had fun with Great Grandma!
Story time with Daddy. 
 Sweet picture.
 In the bathroom at Fred Meyer. Super funny. She just kept kicking one leg and talking.
 I spy something small and cute...
She's so cute in a towel.

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  1. Super Cute pictures!!! She is growing so much and learning tons! Isn't it fun? Love you all!


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