Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day

 This week was Mother's Day. We had a nice time at Tony and Courtney's house with the whole Pullen family. Ruby didn't take a nap though until we were on our way home at like 4pm. Poor girl, she was pretty tired. Andy gave me a very sweet card from him and Ruby <3. I just love being her mommy so much, she's lots of fun. This week she's been trying all kinds of new things. In one day she unlocked the front door lock on the knob, and opened the cabinet with the garbage in the kitchen (the one with the baby proof lock :). She's so good at watching you do something and then trying it herself, both with actions and saying words. She learns new words almost every day. This morning she was stacking my salad spinner and then knocking it over and laughing.
Ruby's also been on a bit of a weird trend with eating. She wants to feed herself, but she makes a huge mess with a spoon and yogurt or applesauce and not much of it gets in her mouth. She gets really upset when we try to feed her, and lots of her food ends up on the floor. Sometimes she just won't eat much at all, and just throws her food on the floor. It's frustrating for all of us, and hopefully it's just a phase that goes away quickly.
She's been sleeping okay this week. One night she slept from 7:15pm to 5am straight! It was so nice to get a long stretch of sleep myself. I hope she does that some more soon. Her one nap in the afternoon has been really nice too. Sometimes she sleeps for 3+ hours, and I can get a lot of stuff done or just rest.
 This is one of my favorite looks she gives. :)
 Kiss! This is our friends' the Garrison's son Elijah. He's about 2 1/2 months older than Ruby.
 So sweet.
 Mother's Day pictures
 Bath time.
 Crazy hair after bath time.
 Driving her friend Karley's car. She couldn't really make it go, but had fun anyway.
 Riding her bike with Daddy.
 Andy wrapped her sheep thing around her, and it was hilarious. She kept running up and down the hallway.
She crawled in and sat down with Daddy.

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  1. Pretty fun! Such a cute girl! Miss her and you so much. Seen in Ridgecrest, CA... far from home! Love you!


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