Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another cold

 It's been a pretty low key week for us. We went on a date on Saturday night and left Ruby at home with Janna and Abbie. They had fun, we had fun, it was great. Andy went on a pastor's retreat Monday and Tuesday, so Ruby and I just hung out. We went to our friends' house Monday night for a birthday party, and one of the kids had a cold... needless to say Ruby caught it and started getting sick yesterday. I hate when she's sick. She seems to feel okay during the days, but she sleeps horribly at night because she can't breathe out of her nose. Poor baby.
One of my favorite things that Ruby has started doing is clasping her hands under her chin while we're eating and saying "Amen!" It's too cute. She has really started to climb on things this week too. And she's good at opening our bedroom door, so there's now a baby gate in the hallway to our room since it's really not baby proof in there. She's just as curious as ever. She has also started saying "thank you" for everything. We're not actually sure if it's "thank you" or "there you go." :)
At a different birthday party Friday night, hanging out with the older girls on the trampoline. She loves Abbie (on the right).
Fort building and harmonica playing with Janna on Saturday night.
 I was cooking on Sunday, and Ruby put both hands behind her back and was just walking back and forth in the kitchen like that. Hilarious.
 And then she put a bunch of her disposable diapers in the laundry hamper.
 Lounging at breakfast.
 At the party on Monday night. She played soccer in the back yard with the big kids for a long time and had lots of fun.
 Playing trains with the big boys.
 Playdough time.
 Making faces with Mommy. She copied me on all except the fishy face. I copied her :)
 Eating lunch with her friend Quinn.
Helping Mommy in the kitchen! My dream come true.

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  1. Such a silly fun girl. Isn't it fun to discover their personality! She is discovering it too and trying so many new things. Love all of you... can't wait to see you!


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