Thursday, May 9, 2013

Beach trip

 We had a fun week. Ruby's been learning new words every day at a very fast rate. When people meet her and she talks to them, they are usually surprised at how verbal she is. I love how much she understands and can communicate. We went to the beach on Monday with Janna and Brandon to check out Dunes Bible Camp, which was tons of fun. Ruby loved the beach and did great on the drive.

Yesterday Ruby learned how to climb up on the couch all by herself. She was pretty excited about that. She's also really good at putting her stacking ring thing together.
We ate black beans for dinner.
 We went for a walk with Aunt Becca and the dogs she's housesitting for.
 Ruby loved/hated the dogs.
 A little too close...
 Walk in the park!
 Getting her hair combed by Daddy.
 Ketchup and mustard.
 Playing with her new puzzle.
 Nap on the way to the beach.
 Dunes Bible Camp
 She really liked walking in the sand.
 And drawing in the sand.
 She loves sticks.
 She got pretty sandy, but thankfully it came right off.
 Hanging out at Adelaide's coffee and book store.
 Playing with Janna.
 On the way home.
 We saw a bunch of sea lions in Astoria.
The view from the top of the Astoria Column. We threw balsa wood airplanes off of it.
 Climbing back down from the top of the Astoria Column. I think there were about 160 steps around and around...
Reading the menu, "I think I'll have this one."
 She loves standing on things, especially books.
Playing at the park in the gorgeous weather yesterday.
Here's a cute video of Ruby walking in the sand.
And one of her climbing on the couch.

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  1. Loved the beach trip tour with Ruby! Cute videos, so nice to hear her little voice. Thanks for keeping the pictures coming - makes our Thursday!!


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