Thursday, August 1, 2013

18 Months!

Our Peach turned one-and-a-half this week! She's such a big girl, and so much fun. She says tons of words (probably at least 100) and understands new concepts every day. When she wants us to take her outside on a walk, she'll come grab our hand and say "walk" and head toward the door. She likes for me to wash her hands in the sink, so she'll ask "hands" and go toward the sink. She also likes to "see" when I'm cooking, which means I either have to hold her or put her on a chair. Everything gets done a little slower around here, but it's so precious having this little one with me all day.
 Exploring the fun cupboard.
 She's such a ham!
 Daddy was gone to Awake (middle school camp) from Friday to Sunday. Ruby tried to drive the bus before they left. She just ended up pushing a bunch of buttons.
 This is usually how she sleeps.
 We had our friends' dog Jack over for the day on Friday. He was nice, but a huge puppy and he pushed Ruby around a little bit, so we didn't keep him for the whole weekend like we were going to.
 She fell off the blankets on the bottom of the console table and said "whoop."
 Heading to Summerfest in downtown Stayton. She carried her flower the whole way.
 Her first Otter pop. She barely ate any of it.
 The perfect, Ruby-sized play structure.
 She started saying "Kabommy" and then tackling me, which we think is a mixture between Kaboom and Mommy. So cute.
 Pretty girl.
 She loves to read her "a b c's"
 One of her favorite spots.
 We had staff meeting at our house after camp got over. Ruby helped me cook a big dinner for everyone in her cute apron.
 She has improved in leaps and bounds with eating this week. Not as much food goes on the floor, and she has gotten really good with her spoon and fork. She had her first tuna sandwich this week too.
 She was just playing on the couch by herself :)
 Playing "sleep." She's starting to understand that concept too. She'll close her eyes and say "seep," or point to our bed and say it.
Getting the bath water ready.
Bathing beauty.
Silly girl.
 At Toys R Us this morning shopping for a baby present for Aunt Katie.
 Sweet heart.
 She likes trying on our socks. Mommy's on her right foot, Daddy's on her left.
She picked this flower from the stem, not from the top like usual! She loves flowers, and the chickens.

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  1. So grown up! So cute!! Glad she likes to explore new things. So much fun to see her find out things! Thanks for the pictures, they are precious!


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