Friday, September 20, 2013

Grenada Trip

Trying on Daddy's new shoes.

This week Andy headed to Chicago for a conference, so Ruby and I went down to visit my family in Medford and Grenada. We had lots of fun, and she did pretty good on the drive. She started putting more words together, and I think her first official sentence was "No more cheese" in the car. :)

Ruby has skipped her nap a few times the past week and a half, which is frustrating, but I'm thinking that I'll put her to bed a little later, so hopefully that will help. 
 Watching a jump serve at a middle school volleyball game with Aunt Becca.
 She loves reading. Lately she has really liked the Duck & Goose books from the library.
 She likes when Andy holds her like a little baby and rocks her.
 Abbie came over to hang out with Ruby while I did some house work on Monday. Ruby loves Abbie!
 Andy gave her the huge serving fork to eat with. "Big fork"
 Pumpkin season!
 We stopped at McDonalds for lunch on our trip south. The only reason we went there was because it was raining and they had a play place that Ruby could run around in for a little while... but we got there and the play place was outside and soaking wet. So we just ate some chicken nuggets and ran around inside for a little bit. She mostly just wanted to "dip" her nuggets into the ranch and suck off the ranch.
 We got to my parents' house and Ruby found the stool in the bathroom, which my Dad made for us to take home! It's just like the blue one we had as kids. Ruby loves it.
 The church nursery playground was way too fun.
 Bath toys at Grandma's!
 My mom and I canned our tomatoes after Ruby went to bed on Tuesday night.
 This is the horse we had as kids. Ruby loved it.
 She also loved going up and down the porch steps. She's getting really good at going up and down by herself on the shallow ones.
 Wrestling with Grandpa.
We fed the ducks and geese at Greenhorn park. They all came flying over from across the lake!
 Fun with Grandma.
 Riding the dinosaur!
Playing the grand piano at church. 
 She climbed in for Grandma to rock her.
 Ruby with the flowers.
 We got to Cindy's house on Thursday, and Ruby immediately got dressed up in a clown costume, complete with a hat, by Lia.
 Cousins this morning!
 We went to the park with two of my sister's day care kids.
 Ruby and Kyle. She was pretty good at being gentle with him.
She was so tired that she fell asleep in the car without a paci this afternoon. We had a very fun trip, but we miss Andy!!!!
This is Ruby cooking fish with me.
And this one is her going down the slide at my parents' church.

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  1. It was very fun to have you down here in Grenada!! Come again soon! Cute pictures and video. I love how she pretends. Amazing!! Love all of you!


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