Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We had another fun week this week. This picture is after grocery shopping on Friday. We bought wipes at Costco, and Ruby wanted me to open the box, and then she proceeded to take out all of the wipes and put them back in. Silly girl. She has really gotten good with her climbing, to the point of where she tries to climb on the arms of the couch or onto the coffee table (both are off limits). So we've been doing time out some more. I still don't think she really knows what's going on with time out, but hopefully she'll figure it out soon.
Andy's starting seminary next week! It will be an interesting semester with him having class on Monday nights, but since it's only one class, I don't think it will be too bad. We're excited for him.
Friday night we headed up to Portland for Andy's friend Matt's birthday party at a park. Ruby loved the sidewalk chalk...
... and drew on everything in sight. :)
We stayed the night at the Pullens because Del's birthday was Saturday and we all went out to dinner. Ruby liked climbing inside this thing.
Chloe and Charlotte got to ride with us to dinner, and they all had fun.
We got ice cream downtown, and went to a park with music. Ruby wanted to dance.
Sliding with Daddy.
Here's the family photo.
And Del and Patty with their grand kids. I tried to get Katie to stick her belly in the picture too :)
A lady bug got in our house, so we played with it for a while. There was a snail inside today and always lots of flies... I think we have a hole somewhere.
On Monday we had a barbecue at the Butenschoen's house. Ruby loved "fwimming" as usual.
They went around and around, trying to do a whirlpool.
Playing with Audrey.
Daddy was tired, but Ruby wanted to play.
So cool.
She wanted to dress Angeles, so we put her newborn sleeper on her. Today she wanted to feed her "strawberry juice" to her Dolly (a bottle that looks like a strawberry). She's starting to play pretend, which is so cute. She pretended something was an airplane, and she pretends things are food.
Spinning in the sari from India.
Helping Mommy make crab cakes. She poured the cayenne pepper in all by herself and then sneezed a few times :)
So much fun.
Helping Daddy feed the chickens our leftover corn cobs.
She always does this when I'm sorting the laundry.
They have baby chicks back at Wilco, so we went to go see them yesterday. They had the heat lamps pretty low, and Ruby reached out and touched it while saying "light". Sadly she burned two of her fingers :(
Watching a movie to distract her. See the bandaids.
She did really well with it and didn't even cry. One of them has a blister now though. I had her play in cold water at home to draw out the heat. She really liked that.
She loves wearing our shoes.

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  1. I LOVE looking at the pictures each week. Makes me feel close to all of you! Ruby is growing up so fine. Love you all so much!


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