Thursday, September 12, 2013

Power outage

 On Thursday night we had a huge thunderstorm right above us! It rained and poured, and our power went out for about 2 hours. Ruby and I played cards, read stories, and built a blanket fort by flashlight. I'm pretty sure she had fun. The power came on right before I was going to start dinner, so that was great.
Ruby's been talking so much lately. I tried to count all of the words she knows, but I got to 50 and stopped because there are at least three times that many, and it's about impossible to count. She's so smart. She figures things out quickly too, and has very good balance when she climbs on things (which is pretty much all the time). 
 We also made shadow animals.
 We ran into some friends at the park on Friday. Ruby went down the slide a few times all by herself!
 Eating a snack with Daddy.
 We all love our bike.
 Make the bed with me in it!
 Brushing her teeth before church on Sunday.
 She was helping me sweep. Notice her cute pony tail.
 Daddy was mowing, and she wanted to hear his music.
 She also saw her pool and dragged it out and sat in it.
 Rest time.
 We went to Wilco again, and thankfully they had moved all of the heat lamps out of reach. Here's Ruby in a Jessie hat. I would have bought it, but it was $20. Ridiculous.
 On Monday night Andy had his first Seminary class, so Ruby and I spent the evening crafting a birthday card for him.
 Ruby got him Legos for his birthday, and they had lots of fun playing.
 She likes to help me feed extra produce to the chickens. Here she is trying to throw a huge cucumber over the fence.
 Picking things in the garden.
 Fwimming time! It was super hot yesterday, so we busted out the pool.
 The biggest tomato I have ever grown.
 Here's a slice of it on my hamburger. It was so yummy!
 Yesterday I found a bunch of these hidden all around the house. Andy's so sweet!
 Ruby's first bowl of cereal this morning.
 We went to story time at the library. Ruby wanted to be right up front and kept stealing the books. :) There was also a cute "big doggie"for her to pet.
Goof ball.

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  1. Charming!!! She is quite the character. Love the pictures. Thanks for posting. The tomato is awesome, isn't it fun to grow things? Can't wait to see you!


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