Thursday, September 26, 2013

20 Months

Ruby's 20 months old today! What a fun 20 months it has been. We have such a precious girl who is very smart. She knows some shapes and colors now. And she is really connecting things in her brain. It's fun to see what she will come up with to say or do next.
This morning when we were getting ready, she said "bye bye Daddy, bye bye Mommy." So we said "are you going to stay here while we go?" And she said "yep." So we said "Do you know what to eat for lunch?" and a few more questions like that, and she kept saying "yep." Then she went to our bedroom door and said bye bye to us again and went to close the door behind her. So we said, "Oh, you're the one that's going to work and we're staying here." Again she said "yep." So funny.
 She's really been loving to color, and she can spell her name "Aww du be why." She can also say ABCD, and count to four.
 Heading to church in the rain.
Ruby's cousin Coraline was born on Sunday early in the morning, so the Pullens came down to church with the Hart kids and we went out to lunch after church. Ruby loves her Pa.
 Trying things on at Fred Meyer.
 Watching a little bit of Mulan in her new (Wetzig family) rocking chair.
 Trying on Mommy's boots. They're a little big.
 We got a bag of hand-me-downs, including this hat...
 And these cute pink boots! She wants to wear them every day and cries when I have to take them off.
 Legos with Daddy.
 A sweet hug for Mommy.
 No pants!
 Today we took her 20 months photos. She knows just what to do when I pull out her floor quilt. She lays right down on it... except at first today she didn't want to wear a shirt. Hah.
 And then I had her making all kinds of faces. We had fun.


  1. Such fun pictures for a fun little girl!! She has a sense of humor! So cute!!
    Happy 20 month birthday, dear Ruby Elise! I love you! Grandma Debbie

  2. Ruby, you are adorable! So fun to share pictures of your week!! Thank you, Jill for being so faithful with this blog - it is always something I look forward to every Thursday.
    Love every one of you!!


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