Friday, July 18, 2014

10 weeks: Wisconsin!

We had quite an adventure over the weekend! My two kids and I joined my parents, my sister's family, and my brother on a trip to Wisconsin for a family reunion on my Dad's side. I haven't seen most of those people in a long time, at least 9 years, more for others. It was a very hard trip because Ruby was sick on and off the whole time. But I'm glad we went. It was good to see my Grandma who turned 90, and I'm glad she got to see Ruby and meet Reid.
Reid has been sleeping pretty good lately. He'll go to sleep at around 10 and wake up at 3-ish, then 5 or 6-ish. Unfortunately sometimes he stays awake after 6... Oh well. I still nap with him every day. :)
On Wednesday we drove back home from my parents' house with my mom. What usually takes 5 hours took about 7. We made several stops, and even got kicked out of an RV park. We slept at our house and then got up super early Thursday morning to head to PDX.
This is right after we arrived in Chicago. The plane ride was pretty good. Reid had a blowout diaper, but mostly slept. When we got to Chicago, however, Ruby threw up. Then she had diarrhea. She threw up again at the farm when we got there. Friday she was okay, but Saturday she was really lethargic in the morning. We tested her blood sugar and it was only 49, which is really low. That evening she threw up three times. Sunday she was okay again, but Monday she threw up in the Chicago airport right before our flight, and then Thursday night she threw up again. :( So it lasted about a week and we have no idea what was wrong. No fever or anything...
Sleeping on the way to the farm in the rental van.
Playing on the swing that generations have enjoyed.
Pushing Mommy and Reid.
Lots of second cousins by the lake.
These are my initials I carved in the old barn when I was a kid.
Second cousins Lindsey and Grace. They all loved Reid so much! He got passed around.
Reid with my Grandma Birdie on her 90th birthday.
Ruby took this of us playing volleyball. It was a lot of fun.
Everyone around the campfire.
Mmm.. smores.
These girls got to take a bath in the cool master bath tub. They had lots of fun together.
The beautiful screened in porch.
On Saturday Ruby woke up sick. This is after she was finally starting to feel better in the evening after throwing up a few times. Poor girl.
Ruby, Reid, and all of their second cousins (only one was missing).
Sunday morning we had church around the campfire. Ruby had fun coloring with Grandma.
And playing in the rocks with her cousins.
Grandma loves Reid.
Watching baptisms in the lake.
Playing some ping pong.
A lot of people left on Sunday afternoon, but our family stayed until Monday. We went hiking with our cousin Jeff and his family on the Ice Age trail which was beautiful. 
Randy carried Ruby and I carried Reid.
Ruby tried tying her shoe.
We did sparklers on Sunday night, and they did fireworks too, but after we went to bed.
Picture of me and the kids with Grandma Birdie. She's a special lady.
Reid is out!
Here are the kids with all of our bags at the Chicago airport.
Poor Ruby got sick again and threw up in the airport before our flight. Thankfully she didn't throw up on the plane.
It was a long flight back and Mom and I just tried to keep Ruby happy. Poor girl, it was past bedtime. Daddy came and picked us up at the airport, and we were so glad to see him!!
Home!! Tuesday morning Ruby was super tired, so we all had an early nap. After that, things were much more pleasant around here.
He's turned into such a happy baby most of the time!
Princess Ruby.
Funny faces.
Here's our giant pile of clean laundry from our trip. I think it was 9 loads that we folded.
She loves to help put his paci in.
Reid is doing great at tummy time and loves to roll over onto his back.

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  1. Always fun to relive something through pictures. All are so special!! Love and miss those kids, they grow up too fast!


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