Thursday, July 17, 2014

8 weeks: And we're off on our adventures!

The big news this week was that Reid rolled over! He was on his tummy on his play mat and I was doing something on the computer. When I looked over at him, he was on his back. At only 7 weeks, that's pretty crazy. We'll see if it was a fluke or if he's really rolling over.
This week was pretty crazy with us packing and getting ourselves ready for two weeks of being gone. We got it all done though, and on Monday Andy left for Mexico and the kids and I left for my parents' house.
Making an "o" out of her macaroni and cheese.
Staring at Daddy.
Andy had to practice music for his Mexico trip and the kids loved it.
Talented Daddy.
Doing some "yoga" in the bath tub.
She's so pretty.
Sleeping like an angel.
He loves his Daddy.
He always looks worried.
Bath time!
He loves to sleep.
Wearing Daddy's Mexico hat.
Seeing Daddy off. We miss him!!
Andy's team.
The kids and I drove down to Aunt Cindy's house. The drive went really well, we only had to make a few stops. I took advantage of the McDonald's play place in Cottage Grove to nurse Reid. When we got to Medford Cindy's daycare kids all wanted to go outside and play. So they all put on swim suits. Ruby had lots of fun in the water. I think it was about 102 degrees!
Quin liked pulling the little girls around.
So much fun!
Quin and Reid
Ruby had lots of fun with Ayla, who is just a few months older than her. They were catching each other on the slide.
On Tuesday we drove to my parents' house. It was really hot down there too, so we busted out the kiddie pool. Ruby loved splashing Grandpa!
Tummy time.
We went to Greenhorn park with my mom to play.
Here's me playing at the same park as a little girl. :)
Watching the ducks and geese.
Sitting sideways in the cart like Mommy used to do.
Watching the thunderstorm with Grandpa.
Giving Snowy Bear a ride on our old rocking horse.
And taking Pablo for a ride. Ruby really liked riding it.
Happy little Reid in the morning.
I love these sweet kids.
Lounging on the floor.
Uncle Randy came on Thursday, so they played in the pool some more. Ruby went in with her diaper on, and it was like 10 pounds when I took it off. Hah!
Reid with Grandpa.
Doing some ballet or something.
She loved playing on the trampoline!
She kept saying "perpopus!" instead of "kerplopus."
Smiley boy.

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  1. I saw that picture of you Jill ... going down the slide!! So cute! Loved the pictures and really loved the fact that you spent 2 weeks with us! Miss you all so much!
    Love you!


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