Thursday, July 17, 2014

9 weeks: Juanita Lake

On the 4th of July we left for camping at Juanita Lake with the Sprunger family. There weren't as many of us there this year, but it was still fun. My parents let me and the kids use their trailer, which was so nice. We were very comfortable, and it was nice to have a bathroom and running water. Reid smiled a lot at everyone. Ruby got super dirty. It was great.
Napping on the way there.
Helping Aunt Cindy put on her sunscreen.
Nap time!
Swimming with Aunt Cindy and Grandma. These two were a huge help with the kids!!
In the kayak.
Meeting David Daniel, her second cousin.
She loved playing with the ladder balls.
Helping with a tent.
The pledge of allegiance.
Singing around the camp fire.
Reid and Grandma.
Ruby and Lia. These two had lots of fun together. Ruby really likes her.
Auntie Cindy.
Canoeing with the Grandparents.
Ruby liked pushing her stroller more than riding in it.
Wetzig family walk around the lake.
Uncle Randy carried Reid.
I'm not sure what my Dad is doing here. :)
Looking at the fishies.
Kayaking with Mommy.
David Daniel and Reid. They are about 3 1/2 months apart.
She loved all of Mommy's cousins.
Reid with Uncle Randy and Carla.
The beautiful lake in the evening!
Mornings with these two sweet kids. Ruby and I slept in the bed and Reid was in his bassinet.
Naked boys! Carla and I were babies together, so we had to get lots of pictures of our boys together.
We have one like this of our dads holding us in a lake.
 Happy boy! He smiles so much.
 Sitting with Great Uncle Dan.
 Filthy little feet! We went through lots of baby wipes.
 So sweet.
 When we got home, apparently Ruby thought I needed a pedicure.
 We went to the new Starbucks in Yreka on Tuesday.
 He's so cute!!
 Reading a little wooden book with no words. :)
 We made strawberry/raspberry yogurt popsicles. So good.
 Reid turned 2 months old while we were there. He's getting so big! What a sweet boy.
 We played in the church nursery. Ruby had lots of fun.
 We bought this rock n play for our Wisconsin trip and he sleeps really well in it.
 Playing Grandpa's old brass bugle.
 Helping Grandpa mow.
 Grandma did lots of baby rocking.
Getting ready to head to our Wisconsin trip!

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