Friday, August 15, 2014

14 weeks: Reid turns 3 months!

 I love these two so much. They're really precious kids.
Reid has been settling into a routine lately. He wakes up nice and early, sometimes before 6am and doesn't always go back to sleep. Then he likes a short nap at around 8:30 or 9, and another one at 10:30 or so. Then we all lay down for a long nap after lunch, which is great. He still sleeps on my chest for that one. The kids sleep until 3:30 or 4. And then he goes to bed at around 8. He still wakes up a few times during the night, but it's really inconsistent. Some nights are better than others. He's a really happy guy though. He does spit up quite a bit, so we go through lots of clothes and bibs. He's been chewing on his fist, which is cute.
Ruby has been a little better about not hitting this week, which is great! Hopefully we'll get past that soon. On Monday she wore undies for most of the morning and went peepee in the potty lots of times. She did poop in her undies though. She's definitely more interested in going potty, and tells me when she's going peepee in her diaper. Two in cloth diapers is not so easy, so it would be nice to be down to one.
 Ruby loves laying down next to Reid.
 She was making a bed out of her cheese.
 Three months old! What a big, happy guy.
 Ruby always wants pictures on the blanket when we do them with Reid. We went blackberry picking so she was wearing her old clothes.
 This is Ruby as a newborn, and this picture looks so much like Reid! Crazy.
 Hanging out in the back yard.
 We turned on the sprinkler...
 ...and she got soaked! It was lots of fun.
 "Mommy, I can't get down. I'm really tall. I found your blackberries."
I laughed pretty hard at that one. She says the funniest things.
 They like to help Reid walk.
 We had a fun picnic at the park on Monday, but then a bunch of wasps came to eat our food so we packed up and finished lunch at home. Stupid wasps. It was fun while it lasted though!
 Sharing a popsicle.
 Playing in the water with Daddy.
 He loves tummy time.
 Having a conversation.
 Standing up! He's such a strong baby. And he's getting so big! His 6 month clothes are almost too small already.
 She's been wearing bibs since we got them out for Reid. And she had a lot of fun with her choo choo train tracks the other day.
 Making a "park."
 And then she wanted to be wrapped up.
 He really loves his play mat. He's been grabbing the octopus and froggy and pulling them down.
 Playing trains.
 He always looks worried. But so cute!
 Hanging out in Ruby's crib.
 Our carseat buckle was recalled, so they sent us a new one. Ruby and I put it on, and then she wanted to test it out. I'm surprised she fit!
 Setting out her plates. She helped me set the table yesterday and did all of the silverware and then put her little blue plates on it. So cute. She loves helping.
 She's been measuring everything lately and always says, "20 pounds." Not quite right, Ruby... :)
 Monkey pi's.
 We met some friends at the park and Ruby had lots of fun! She took her shoes off and ran around. She even climbed a big ladder all by herself (with me spotting, of course).
 He loves his birdie too.
 Getting ready for his bath.
 Poor guy has to bathe in a pink tub. I don't think he minds too much.
 He's good at sitting up on the couch. These guys are so cute.
 "You look at Mommy, Reid."
 Reid's first drawing. I put a marker in his hand and he did the rest.
 He was so tired he fell asleep at dinner.
 Ruby and I played "bump in the bed" like my Mom played with us when we were little. She loved it and wanted to keep playing all day!
Not sure what she was doing with these guys, but it was funny.

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  1. Always so fun to see pictures. I think I missed them last week as we were getting ready for the wedding. Glad you play "bump in the bed!" Love those two kids!!


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