Friday, August 22, 2014

15 weeks: Amy and Ben's wedding

This little guy is getting so big. He likes tummy time on this pillow. He's been grabbing his toys on his play mat too! And he lets out a giggle every now and then. Not consistently though. He's drooling a lot and loves chewing on his fist, so I think teeth are coming soon. He absolutely adores his big sister and loves staring and smiling at her.

Ruby has started saying "I love you too" when we say "I love you." It's so sweet. And she loves stalling at bed time with "I forgot to give you a hug and a kiss" about 10 times.

 The kids and I drove down to Medford this weekend to go to my cousin Amy's wedding. We were sad to go without Andy who had to work, but we ended up having fun with my family.
 Reid and Grandma enjoying the ceremony.
 Ruby and I after the wedding.
 Me and my babies. Just missing Daddy!
 Me, Carla and Ryan with our boys Reid (3 months), David Daniel, and Brett (both 6 1/2 months).
 Second cousins! JB, David Daniel, Jon, Ruby, Quin, Reid, Lia and Brett.
 Ruby and Reid love their cousins so much.
 Me and my beautiful mom and sister. I'm so thankful for them and all of their help on these trips without my husband!
 Cutting her steak so daintily. She's so cute.
 Reid and David Daniel.
 Sunday morning we all got together in a park for a little church service in Grants Pass. Randy and Maddie quoted John chapters 1-4.
The drive home was great. We ate sandwiches in the car, and then the kids slept most of the way. I listened to the Giants game to keep myself awake and it worked great.
 Back in Stayton. Ruby loves riding the horsey at Safeway.
 He found his paci clip and was fascinated.
 We had a bunch of friends over for a barbecue on Monday evening. The kids had fun playing water games!
 Ruby has been playing with her dolls and stuffed animals like they are real. It's too cute. Wrinkles had to go in her car seat.
 And then she had to go potty.
 He looks like such a big boy here! Growing up fast for sure.
 She's been loving playing the mandolin.
 Morning snuggles with Daddy.
 Helping fix the coffee table. She loves doing everything that we do.
 We played Go Fish during Reid's nap. Ruby won.
 "Knitting." I can't wait to teach her how some day!
 Happy guy. He's got such cute cheeks.
 And asleep.
 She loves running around in her towel after a bath.
 Ruby took this one. Pretty artsy.
 Grabbing onto his toy.
 Blackberry jam mustache.
 He loves his hands.
 She loves playing in her crib!
 Holding hands while we watched "go Giants."
 My farm hand.
 She loves being outside. What a good little helper.
 Getting our ice bucket ready to dump on Daddy for the ALS ice bucket challenge.
 Me and my baby boy.
He's so cute in white.

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  1. They change a lot so quickly!! And so cutely! Thanks for coming down last weekend. That was really a lot of fun and I love to help take care of the kids!! Love you!


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