Thursday, August 7, 2014

13 weeks: Hot summer

 We've been enjoying some nice summer weather this week. Andy was gone from Mon-Weds on his high school rafting trip and I stayed at home with the kids. It wasn't too bad. I tried to have some kind of activity each day so we didn't get too bored and I didn't get too overwhelmed. 

Reid has really started to play with things on his little floor mat this week. He likes to grab his little froggy and pull it. It's adorable. And he laughed at Ruby yesterday morning! It was just a little laugh and I can't get him to do it again. I'm sure he'll be giggling up a storm soon.

Ruby has been making "parks" with her blankets in her crib. I think she's talking about the picnic blanket we use at the park, but I'm not sure. It's pretty funny. She really loves to sing everything too. I'll sing a song a few times, and she will already know the words and get the tune pretty well. She has been loving watching Mr. Rogers lately. It's such a great show. She doesn't get to watch it all that often, but she likes it a lot.

We're still having issues with Ruby hitting. :( We're trying to teach her gentle touches and that we like it when she's nice. Hopefully she'll get the clue soon.
 I made blackberry jam on Thursday last week. It was delicious and Ruby likes it a lot!
 Tummy time.
 Ruby made this all by herself and said it was a butterfly. Pretty good I'd say!
 He's so cute.
 On Saturday we visited our friends the Quimba's in Portland with their new baby Nora. She and Reid are going to be good friends.
 I hold him to sleep every night. It's precious.

 He's getting so big. He's already in his 6 month clothes and I'm sure he'll be growing out of those fast.
 The kids and I went shopping with Andy for his rafting trip supplies and food on Sunday. It was quite the adventure. We had 2 full carts at Costco.
She kept running to say hi to the chickens and then running back to me.
 He's really good at holding himself up.
 Daddy makes piles for her to jump onto, but she did this one herself on Monday.
 Monday afternoon was hot so we went swimming. I think we need a bigger pool. :)
 He's so precious. He likes to sleep in his Rock n Play.
 Having fun on the play mat.
 On Tuesday we went to Salem and rode on the carousel. Ruby wanted to ride in the wagon instead of on a horse, and she wanted to hold my hand. :)
 So fun!
 The three of us together. Reid fits in the Ergo now, so I've been using that to carry him.
 Then we went to the park to play for a little bit. Ruby climbed up this ladder all by herself.
 She bit into her bread and then said, "Look Mommy, it's an R!"
 Rolling over...

 He's getting pretty good.
This is Ruby playing with her kitchen things...
And me when I was little playing with the same dishes! So fun.
 Ruby's been taking care of Lupe a lot. Here she is changing her diaper.
 And nursing her. And she likes wearing her in her Moby and burping her too.

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  1. Really cute pictures. I was surprised when you had your picture in there with the dishes!! Fun. That is amazing that Reid can roll over! So glad Ruby likes to sing!! You have precious children. Love you!


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