Monday, September 22, 2014

19 weeks: Vacation time!

 Wow, it's been quite a week! Ruby really wanted to ride her bike, so we went outside and enjoyed the weather on Friday. And the rest of the day was spent packing and more packing. We left on Saturday morning for 10 days on a trip to Disneyland! We had so much fun, but now we're very very tired and need a vacation from our vacation. I guess we play hard more than relaxing. :)
 Reid enjoying the sunshine.
 Daddy got home from work on Friday. Every time he comes home Ruby likes to sit on the front steps with him. It's too cute.
 Saturday morning we got up early and left, and we met my family at Wildlife Safari to celebrate my Mom's birthday. It was so fun to see all of the animals! The first thing we did was a close up encounter with the lions. 
They were crazy big!
Ruby was scared of them and wanted to go back on the bus. Poor thing.
Reid and I on the bus. He always has such a hard time nursing when we go somewhere for the first day or so. Then he gets used to it and does fine. I think he just likes normalcy more than strange situations. I'm just so thankful that I recovered from my mastitis and the kids and Andy mostly recovered from their colds by the time we left.
We had so much fun seeing all of the animals.
 Reid fell asleep with Grandma. The kids all liked being out of carseats for the ride through the safari.
 He woke up and had fun looking around.
We saw an elephant swimming!
The emus really like Dan. Last time one pecked at his shirt. This time it let him pet it.
Grandpa let Ruby drive the car... it was a little crazy and she almost ran us off the road.
 Ruby the goat.
 And the sheep. She said, "Baaaa."
 Ruby, Cindy, Quin and Lia rode on the camel!
 We went back to Cindy's house after dinner out for dessert, and Ruby helped Grandpa fix their table.
 Cutie girls with matching skirts. They had fun playing with the watering can until a black widow crawled out of it... Yikes!
 Reid loves holding on to things now.
Sunday morning we left early to head down to San Francisco. The silhouette of the mountain was pretty, and we saw the sun rise.
Both kids did really great in the car. We brought lots of books and things to keep Ruby occupied and even some toys that Reid liked holding.
They love each other so much.
 Getting ready for our Giants game! She tried on Mommy's sweatshirt.
 Heading to the game!
 She loved when everyone clapped.
 Eating lunch. She ate a whole peach. And our view was amazing.
Me and Reid.
 We played the Dodgers and lost 4-2, but it was fun anyway.
 We walked around the ballpark to the other side.
 They had a little kid replica of AT&T Park where Ruby got to hit the ball and run the bases.
 She loved it.

 And then we got to go down to the field where they let kids up to age 14 run the real bases! It was so cool!

 I don't think Ruby's every run that far. But she did great.

 Reid and I in front of the Giants dugout.
 We had a blast.
 About 10 minutes after we got to the car Ruby fell asleep.
 Then we got to Aunt Terry's house in Concord and she went crazy playing with toys and had a really hard time going to sleep.
 On Monday we drove the long drive to LA. We met Ryan and Julie Adams and their two boys at a restaurant for dinner. Ruby liked the boys a lot, even though Kevin was pretty shy and didn't like her hugs. :)
 Ruby and Trevor.
 Kevin finally warmed up to her.
Monday night we went to Randall's house and stayed there for two nights.
 On Tuesday morning we headed to Disneyland! Ruby was so excited and brought her Minnie Mouse.
 First thing in the park we met Dale walking around. Ruby was pretty excited because he, Chip, and Buzz Lightyear were the characters she really wanted to see.
She was happy!
Right after that Reid had a massive blowout diaper, so I went to change him and clean up while Ruby met Goofy and a few other guys.
 She and Andy also explored the fire engine below Walt's apartment.
 Such a pretty castle! We walked through and went on some rides in Fantasyland.
 We started with the carousel.
Driving Mr. Toad's car.
 She liked climbing on the railings in line.
 This is on the Storybook Land Canal boat. It was a super hot day! It got to about 100, so we just tried to all stay hydrated. Poor kids. They were pretty miserable.
 Super hot guy.
 In front of Small World.
 It turned out to be Reid's favorite! He loved looking around at all of the dolls. It was so hot that I nursed him on a couple of the rides instead of doing it outside. :)
 Ruby liked it too.
But Ruby's favorite ride ended up being the Teacups.
 She liked spinning the wheel and putting her arms out.
Reid liked most of the rides.
 So many people loved Reid! This is at the carnival area where we ate lunch.
Goofy walked Ruby around.
Ruby loved Minnie.
And then she tickled and played with Reid for a long time. He loved it!
 So hot and tired! We didn't get a nap on Tuesday, so it ended up being a long day.
 Such a cutie.
Mouse ears.
 Playing around on the pans at Tarzan's treehouse.
 Dumbo was a favorite too.
 So tired on the tram on the way to Randy's house.
 I think he's outgrowing his rock n play.
 Wednesday morning we relaxed, and went out for coffee and got groceries.
 Playing on the floor.
 The we met Randy and Sophie at the Disneyland Hotel pool (we snuck in). It was pretty cool and lots of fun! Ruby loved this little water slide.
 Going down with Mommy. Then Andy wanted her to go on a bigger one that started with a tunnel and curved around. She had a life jacket on, but was still pretty scared. She did it though, but she came out the end of it completely sideways. Poor girl.
Randy, Sophie and Ruby. We went out to Thai food after this and had lots of fun. I'll blog about the rest of our trip on Thursday!

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  1. Very fun pictures!! Your kids will love looking at these for years. Thanks for spending some of the time with us on your trip, loved it! So glad you made it home safe.


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