Thursday, September 25, 2014

20 weeks: Disneyland and home!

Reid had his 4 month appointment today! He weighed 16 lbs 13 oz and was 27 inches long! He's very tall, like 95th percentile. His weight was only 50th percentile though. He got some vaccinations and cried really loud, then was fussy all day. Poor guy.
I decided to get the pack n play out for Reid to sleep in now since he's getting too big for the rock n play. Unfortunately he slept horribly in it last night, like he woke up multiple times every hour. :( I guess he has to get used to sleeping on a flat surface sometime, so we might as well do it now. That's the only downfall of the rock n play... it's not so easy to transition him out of it.
Andy was at youth group tonight, and bed time was especially hard. Reid decided to cry the whole time I was putting Ruby to bed, and then Ruby kept getting up while I was trying to get Reid to sleep. I finally got Ruby settled down, and then Reid decided to poop, so I had to change him and start all over. And then I had a good cry. Mothering is really hard sometimes. But I love my two littles and wouldn't trade them for anything.
Here are the rest of our Disneyland pictures!
 On Thursday we headed to California Adventure! Ruby had fun looking at the map.
 We saw Lightning McQueen right off.
Then she got in line to take a photo with Mater, and she was not a fan. I can see how he would be pretty scare for a 2-year-old.
 Uncle Randy loaned us this fan/spray bottle. Ruby loved it and wanted to use it all day.
 She watered the plants in a Bug's Land.
 Riding the bug rides!
 Thumbs up. She loved driving in the bug.
 First 3D experience! We watched Muppet Vision 3D. The first thing we saw in 3D, Ruby reached out her hand to try to grab it. So cute.
 We bought baby Pluto for Ruby and Mickey for Reid. Ruby loves them.
 Little Rapunzel. This trip was Ruby's first real introduction to Princesses, and I think she liked them.
 Riding the fishy carousel.
Me and Reid on the carousel.
Sharing a yummy milk shake. I like how she's bending over like I was. Hah!
Waiting for the Pixar parade. She made a lot of friends!
 She loved the parade. Andy bought a bubble gun for her to blow bubbles, which she loved.
 Her own cute little bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.
 Midway Mania! Ruby really didn't like it.
 Waiting for World of Color.
I'm not sure who liked it more! Ruby made a little friend while we were waiting named Lauren. She accidentally put her bubble gun in their stroller instead of ours, so we were sad that it was gone forever. But the next day Lauren's dad found us in Disneyland and gave it back!! I had prayed that we would find it. :)
Our family :)
And she's out. We went to bed pretty late on Thursday and Friday. The poor kids were pretty tired.
 Friday morning we headed back to Disneyland. Ruby really liked this huge spinning ball in Tomorrowland. She played with it while Mommy and Daddy rode space mountain separately.
 Happy guy! He rode in the stroller or in the Ergo the whole time, and loved looking around.
 He likes baby Pluto too. He's getting really good at grabbing onto things (and putting them in his mouth).
 Toon Town! Ruby had fun driving all of the cars, and going in Chip and Dale's tree house.
Sitting in Mickey's house.
Meeting Mickey Mouse!
Our traditional family photo with Mickey.
 After meeting Mickey, we took the train back to the main station. Ruby decided she needed to nurse Baby Pluto on the way down the steps. So cute. Thursday and Friday we were able to eat lunch and take a nap at the hotel, which ended up working out really well.
 Our traditional family photo walking down main street. Friday was super crowded, so there ended up being lots of people in the picture. :)
 Mickey wanted to walk down main street too.
 We got ice cream at the Gibson Girl and Ruby didn't want to waste any.
Ruby had fun driving on Autopia! First she went with Daddy...
And then with Mommy.
 We had saved up to have one splurge dinner at Cafe Orleans. It was delicious! This is short ribs with carrots, mashed potatoes, etc.
 And of course we shared this Monte Cristo sandwich. Always amazing.
 And Ruby needed to nurse Mickey. She nursed on both sides, then burped him, and then got up and said, "He's all done."
 Waiting in line for the Jungle Cruise. Silly Ruby.
 In front of the castle.
There were only a few rides we did twice, and the teacups was one of them. Ruby loved them so much she tried climbing in several other teacups after our ride was over.
Ruby really wanted to ride on a roller coaster with Mommy. So we headed to Toon Town again to ride on Gadget's Go Coaster. She really wanted to sit on my lap, but she couldn't. She was clinging to me and wouldn't let go! I told her she had to sit next to me or not go, so she finally sat by me like this. She pretty much did this the whole time (it lasted about 15 seconds), but by the end she was smiling and excitedly told Daddy that she liked the roller coaster. It was special.
 We got a pretty good spot for Fantasmic and it was great. Then we headed over to catch the fireworks, and it was absolutely packed! We didn't find anywhere to stand until about half way down main street there was a little spot for us to squeeze in.
 Ruby was pretty tired by then, but she liked the fireworks. Afterwards, we were stuck in a mass of people for about 10 minutes until we finally got moving. It was crazy.
 They sure love each other a lot.
 On Saturday morning we headed over to Randy's house and met Carla and family there. Ruby had fun with David Daniel. He's such a cutie.
 Finally on our way home! We left from Randy's at about 10-ish and made it to Concord at about 6. We had some dinner at Chick-fil-a and then went to Aunt Terry's.
 Reid was not a fan of the Bumbo.
 But Ruby was!
 Sunday morning we stopped at the Jelly Belly Factory for a tour.
 They weren't in production because it was a weekend, so it wasn't as interesting. Ruby just ran around a lot and was a little crazy. Poor Andy had to chase her around... We'll probably never take toddlers there again. ;)
 Napping on the way to Grenada.
 We stopped at my parents' house for the night. Ruby had fun giving a shower to Snow White.
 Monday morning we ate Eir Datch, then headed home! My sweet mother packed us a lunch, which we enjoyed on this lovely grass at a Mormon church somewhere on our way. :)
 Reid was glad to be out of his carseat.
 We finally made it home! My mom grew all of these fun things.
 And back to normal life. Ruby had fun playing with her toys all day on Tuesday. Daddy tried to teach her how to play Jingle Bells.
 I got her some cute head bands.
 Reid finally had a bath that he enjoyed. Last time he screamed so hard he turned purple. This time I made the water a little warmer and put Peace and Calming on him beforehand. Whew!
 "I'm going to work."
 She's so stylish.
 Helping Daddy fix the toilet paper holder.
 Wow, this bib is so interesting!
 We did a little photo shoot with Reid with my new iPhone camera. He's pretty cute.
 He really loves chewing on his hands.
We built a house out of dominoes tonight :)

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  1. Thanks for the tour of Disneyland. Ruby is going to love the "nursing" pictures when she gets older, Ha! Wonderful kids. Thanks for posting!


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