Thursday, September 11, 2014

18 weeks: Reid turns 4 months

 Reid always tries to escape from his bouncy chair.
This has been an interesting week. On Tuesday I got mastitis again, and Ruby got a cold. Wednesday was Andy's 30th birthday and it turned out to be a pretty terrible day because I was feeling so horrible. Poor Andy. Next week at Disneyland should be a lot better. :)
Reid got his second tooth this week. He was pretty fussy today again too, so I'm not sure if he's teething or getting sick or what. Hopefully it's nothing.
Ruby was "reading" Daddy's kindle the other day and said, "Jesus was a old man who lived in a toy house with the other animals and dolls." Getting her stories a little mixed up. She loves to pray at meals and bed, and says (in a really quiet voice), "Dear Jesus, thank you for Daddy and Mommy and Reid, and for the food. Amen." And sometimes she throws in thanks for the plates or the chairs or something too.
 Licking a whipped cream beater. Mmmmm.
 Look alikes.
 I made Ruby a crayon roll for our vacation. She likes it.
 Ruby likes to get our cereal ready in the mornings.
 Reid and his friend Nora at her baby shower.
 Ruby hung out with Aunt Katie and her cousins while we were at the shower. The kids all had fun with Reid when we got back. Charlotte and Reid.
Babies holding babies. Coraline is turning one this month, and Reid is only about a pound less than she is. Hah!
 We only had enough ice cream for one milk shake, so we all shared!
 Ruby really wanted to sit by Karley on Sunday.
 She's so good at helping set the table.
 Our fun choo choo train track.
 He was trying really hard to roll over and eventually succeeded.
 Cutie pie in the morning.
 "I want you to lift me up, Daddy."
 Nap time.
 She tried on Reid's sweat shirt.
 4 month photo!
 Cutie boy.
 Ruby wanted to get in on the action too.
 Walking! (with help)
 Ruby's been wearing undies a lot more and going potty by herself.
 My cuties.
 I love this one.
 Taking a nap in the bassinet. She's a little big for it.
 This is Andy's birthday, and our sick day. :(
 Reid is in 9 month clothes here and they fit! Wow this kid is big.
 Wearing Daddy's hoodie.
 At least we made apple dumplings to celebrate. They were delicious.
 A cute shirt from our friend Cheryl.
 Sitting on the couch.
 He loves her so much.

 Tooth brushing time.
This one is from last week that my mom took. Too cute to not share.

And here's the cutest video of the week:

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  1. Very fun pictures!!! So nice to spend the day today with you! Love you all!


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