Thursday, September 4, 2014

17 weeks: Yard sale and Reid's first tooth!

Reidsy playing with toys.
We had a very busy week. My sweet mother came up to help me out with a yard sale on Friday and Saturday. It was a lot of work, but it went really well. Youth group started back up again tonight. Thankfully bed time went really well. It's way easier now that Reid can lay on his pillow with toys or I can hold him. Ruby has been doing great in her big girl bed for the last week. She hasn't had to go in her crib since before my mom was here. (Thanks Mom!)
Ruby has been saying and doing the funniest things. She's so much fun all of the time. I can hardly wait to see what she's going to come up with next. I sure love these two kids.
Ruby has gotten a lot better with not hitting Reid. It only happens every now and then instead of multiple times a day. I'm very thankful for that. She has, however, gotten really fussy and frustrated a lot. We're working on not whining and using her words when she's upset.
Yesterday I took the kids to Les Schwab for a trip check on our Honda before we go to Disneyland (!) and we had pretty much the perfect storm when we got home. Ruby had been constipated and finally pooped and her bottom hurt really bad. Reid wouldn't nap, then screamed all the way home, and I had to pee really bad. We walked through the door and I didn't know who to take care of first. I got us all sorted out though, and we made it through. Sometimes as a mom you just have those moments, but the best thing you can do is pray and take things one-at-a-time. I wouldn't trade this life for anything.
 We had a play date at our friends' house on Thursday after nap. Ruby and her girl friends had lots of fun. At this point they're all frenemies. :) L-R: Hannah, Eden, Quinn, Ruby and Brynn.
 Hanging out at our yard sale on Friday!
 Ruby had lots of fun playing with all of the things we were selling.
 Such a nice magnolia tree to sit under.
 Our sweet Reid.
 On Saturday we woke up to the rain coming down! Thankfully our neighbor had this huge tent thing that he let us borrow. Andy got soaked putting it up, but it kept all of our stuff dry.
 My mom took Ruby to the park and the library during the sale and made us lunch. Ruby did really good eating her soup without a table.
 "You move your head."
 Andy praying at youth group on Sunday. He's such a good youth pastor.
 On Sunday afternoon we headed up to the Pullens for Del's birthday. Ruby has lots of fun with her cousins. She and Charlotte love walking around in high heels.
 Reid and Grandpa.
 More raking.
 We got the kids' jammies on and watched Hello Dolly on a big screen in the back yard. We didn't make it through the whole thing, but we had fun.
She thought it was fun.
 On our way home, cuddling with Snowy Bear and Prince Tuesday.
 I found my old pound puppies when I was looking in the attic for yard sale stuff. Ruby loves them.
 I love his squishy lips.
 Tummy time!
 Daddy was showing Ruby how to tie her shoes.
 On Monday Reid was fussy all day, and it turns out he was working on getting his first tooth!
 He really loves his play mat.
 Getting diapers prepped for her "guys." I think she wiped them too.
 Pushing the cart at Home Depot. We used some of our yard sale money for new storage cubbies for the kids' toys.
 Cutie pie in his new diaper cover. He's in the red edge diapers already. Wow!
 She said she was cold and wanted me to wrap her up in the blankets.
 Multitasking. We finally worked really hard and got the whole house clean yesterday, including mopping and scrubbing the bath tub. It had been too long.
 She loves watching the whirlpool as the bath tub drains.
 Cutie in a hoodie.
 I love this guy.
He really tried to eat my banana at lunch. Sorry buddy, not quite yet. :)

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  1. Sweet pictures!!! I feel as if I had been there! I miss Ruby's cute sayings. She is a clever, curious, smart girl! Love Reid's baby ways! Miss you all!


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